Ask Evie: The junior who tells it like it is

Evie H.

Students of Woodstock High School, the epitome of drama and school struggles, need someone to help them out. Whatever the problem may be, I will do my best to answer your questions creatively and completely. For the 2012-2013 school year, The Paw Print will feature my advice column every month so students can refer to it as needed.

Tricky Teacher

Hey Evie, I have an issue, and I need help! Right now I have a teacher who is very tricky, and sometimes I think she is not being fair. I am trying to do well and study as hard as I can. I think I am doing great, but I do not know if I can put up with her the whole year. What can I do to get through this? 

                Dear Struggling Sally, teachers who are unfair can be a problem. If you are treated unfairly, it will distract you from learning. Really, there is only one thing to do: walk up to the teacher after class and say, “(whatever her name is), I feel like you are being unfair.” Then explain the way you feel and ask her what you can do to possibly change her opinion. Whatever you do, do not lose your temper. Your teacher will really respect you if you just calmly tell her what is wrong. Do not cry or whine; that will make you look immature.

I want my best friend back!

Dear Evie, here is my problem. My best friend and I have been friends for almost nine years now. We are really close and have spent so much time together. Now my friend is forgetting about me! She never wants to hang out anymore, and she never wants to go anywhere with me. She says she is really busy these days. I have asked her what is going on, but all she says is “Nothing” or “I am busy.” I think something might be wrong with her or her family. Is it any of my business to interfere? Please help me with this! 

                Dear Forgotten Friend, I know how it feels to have a really close friend. You do everything together and practically read each other’s thoughts, so it can be tough when you start to move apart. Sometimes people just change. If you really think that something may be wrong, sit her down and tell her that you want to do something to help if something is wrong. Just make sure she knows that she can trust you with whatever it is. If she claims there is nothing wrong, you should just give her a little space and time and see if things calm down in her life. Just do not give up on her.

I’m losing my best friend

Evie, I have a friend who hangs out with different groups of people than I do. Sometimes, when she is hanging out with her group, she tries to ignore and ditch me even though we have been best friends since 4th grade. What can I do to make her stop being horrid without losing her as a friend?

                Dear Thoughtful Tabitha, everyone has a time in life when she feels left out. Maybe your friend does not realize that she is making you feel excluded because sometimes people do things without even realizing what they have done. Maybe if you could make your friend realize how she is making you feel, then she would know and would try to be a better friend. The best thing to do is to just take a moment and ask her, “Do I make you feel bad or lonely?” When she answers, explain how you feel and what you are going through.

I’m confused about my boyfriend

Evie, I need advice. Please help! Okay, say I have a boyfriend, and in public he acts like he and I are just friends, but in private, he is all “lovey-dovey” with me. What is up with this guy? Should I dump him or keep him? 

                Dear Confused Connie, first of all, I think this guy does like you. From what you have said, there is never a time when he treats you like anything less then a friend. A great friendship is the best start for a relationship, but I am sure it hurts being just a “friend” in front of everyone else. Still, he should not be embarrassed of you. I think you need to talk to him. We all know how clueless some guys can be. How is he going to know how you feel if you never speak up? Tell him exactly how you feel when he does not act like you are together when you are in front of other people. If he agrees to treat you with the respect you deserve, then that is quintessential, but sometimes guys are just not ready to be in a committed relationship.

I’m stressed out, and school just started
Evie, I need your help. School just started, and I am already drowning. This year, I am a junior and taking three AP classes. My schedule is rigorous, and I find myself stressing out about all of the homework and due dates. I want to be able to get good grades but also have a social life. How can I relax and find a balance between the two?

                Dear Stressed Samantha, although it may seem too stressful, you will get through it. Try doing something just for you when you get home from school. Read a book, take a walk, or watch television, anything. As long as you distract yourself for an hour, school work will not seem as stressful, and you will be more willing to get it all done. As for a social life, pick one night every weekend to hang out with friends. Being around your friends will allow you to let loose and not worry about school for a night. Hang in there!

I’m always second best

Dear Evie, I get really good grades at school – A’s and B’s. There is this girl who always has straight A’s. My mom wants me to be just like her, but I am not. I try my best, but all my mom does is complain about how much smarter she is than me, and wishes that she was her daughter. What should I do?

                 Dear Second-best Stacy, I think what you need to do is have a serious talk with your mom. Try confronting her in a mature manner and just explain to her how you feel. Also, do this before she has another chance to tell you she wishes this other girl was her daughter. Make sure you let your mom know that you do try your best, and that is all that should matter. Remember, do not say this in a way that will hurt your mom’s feelings; say it maturely. Let your mom also know that it hurts you, but every one is an individual and some just get better grades than others.

                For now, I hope I have solved your problems. Next month, look forward to more questions abour relationships, school, and family issues. Also, I am always available around school, and you can reach me at Submit your questions to this email, and they might be featured in next month’s column!

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