Downtown Hipster-ville

Emily S.

Staff Writer

Copper Coin is the new and innovative place to get a coffee fix, a sweet caffeinated high. This eclectic hangout in Downtown Woodstock is the hottest new hangout for hipsters and heavy metal heads alike. Located right behind the yumm-a-licious Canyons restaurant and the home of the yogurt gods, Yoguri, Copper Coin is in the coolest part of Woodstock. Customers can always feel free to sit back, relax, and be themselves.  Not only does this happenin’ place offer coffee, tea and frozen drinks, but they also feature live music three nights a week. The guitar gurus and vocal lords are always hanging around Copper Coin jammin’ out to their custom tunes.

Copper Coin was birthed from the idea, or rather, the memory, of the freedom of childhood: the owners’ memories of laying out pennies on the train tracks and waiting for the train to run them over and create a unique treasure. The owners, two young entrepreneurs, wanted to remember a simpler time, the time of their childhood. They strove to create an atmosphere in which commoners today can embrace their inner 8 year old that they had grown accustomed to hiding. They succeeded; Copper Coin has become a place to relax and to reclaim life while also creating and claiming one’s own unique treasures; in other words, Copper Coin itself can inspire people to embrace their own unique talents.

Thanks to Copper Coin, along with the general effect of change over time, Woodstock has slowly started evolving from a cliché southern small town to somewhere all people can be accepted, and that truly is a beautiful event to be able to witness. The founders of Copper Coin along with the efforts of hippies and equalists have created a spark, a tiny flicker of cultural liberation, a spark that could ultimately start a wild fire. 

Woodstock High School student Alyssa Hall says that Copper Coin has become a sweet reprieve from the harsh realities of high school and family life. It quickly switched from a run-of-the-mill coffee shop to somewhere she can always go when she is in need of writing inspiration and an escape from the stresses of high school and a strict daily regimen. “It’s so much more open than your average Starbucks,” she says. “Everything there oozes relaxation and inspiration.” From an amphitheater type seating area to soft leather couches and secretive booths, there is always a place for patrons to sneak off by themselves or to hang out with a group of friends. Also, the rich earthy tones that surround customers create a very inviting atmosphere. The amphitheater serves as an arena for various open mic nights and weekly scheduled performances; coming up are Sherilyn Carr, Reid Stevens, Ricky Mckee. Every third Thursday iThink Improv Troupe performs hysterical comedy for free, and Hugh Dorsey plays his smooth instrumental jazz every third Sunday. The music along with the interior never fail to create an atmosphere where one can always feel free to hang loose and feel galvanized.   

One student, Duncan Jones, says that when he thinks of Copper Coin, he thinks of overpriced coffee and annoying potheads.  Though he is partially correct (prices at Copper Coin are a bit on the high side), Copper Coin coffee can be bought for as little as two dollars. Would one not prefer a rich, organic tasting coffee over a super strong, super bitter venti latté? Hall recommends the kick butt iced coffee for only $2.50. “Simply delicious,” she says. Copper Coin also offers freshly baked muffins, cookies, and bagels, so while the public might be attached to their Starbucks fraps and wraps and what not, Copper Coin offers a selection of much tastier products.  

While Copper Coin is not all that well known, it is becoming more and more popular among people of all ages. From its chill atmosphere to its organic drinks, this is the place to be. People’s parents go, Mr. Bell went, and students of all ages come from miles around for this hip-happenin’ place.

With such a level of acceptance, Copper Coin has succeeded in creating a place for all people to feel at home and to embrace their inner selves. Copper Coin is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the shoe’s laces, and the epitome of awesome. Copper Coin is Woodstock’s Woodstock; they even feature musicians that could be the next Jimi Hendrix, the next Janis Joplin, or even the next Grateful Dead. Copper Coin has become THE place to be.

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