LET’S GO WOODSTOCK! WHS Varsity and Competition Cheer!

Katya G.

Staff Writer

The bright lights of the field, the roar of the fans, and the “Let’s go Woodstock!” chant are the familiar hums of a Woodstock High School football games. The rumble of the band and the feeling of taking part of something nationalistic is so rewarding. Many thoughts are going on in the minds of football cheerleaders as they have to maintain poise, remember cheers and routines, keep the fans interested, and let the players know everyone is there for the support of the Wolverines.  Being a cheerleader takes time and dedication. Representing Woodstock High School on and off the field, they are looked up to by upcoming Wolverines.

Representing Woodstock High school as competition cheerleader is exciting and rewarding. These athletes put the time and sweat into making sure every stunt and every bit of tumbling is the best they can put forward. While the girls are ready to bring home a victory for Woodstock High School, their coaches are ready to cheer them on to State Finals. Coach Amy Bowles, head football/competition cheer coach, remarks, “We have a great group, and they are very talented. We are very excited for the [competition season]. We have a new and exciting routine with great stunts and tumbling. I don’t really have any worries; I’m very excited, and our goal is State Finals.”

These extravagant routines can be seen throughout the football season. Coach Bowles says, “We are excited about having 24 ladies on the field cheering football on.” Rachel Aszman, Madison Mccabe, and Katie Ingram, 11th grade Woodstock Competition/Football Cheerleaders, say, “Friday nights are fun! Fun to support our Wolverines.” Cheerleading is more than just flipping through the air. Aszman has cheered since 8th grade, and she did gymnastics before cheering. Mccabe and Ingram have been cheering since 6th grade. They are all very pumped for this year. Along with their teammates, they are all training just like other athletes, to be the best that they can for Woodstock High School.

Coach Beth Knight, WHS guidance counselor and cheerleading competition coach, says, “I enjoy watching athletes meet potentials and goals they may not have known they had. It is rewarding.” She explains that high school cheer now is different from when she cheered for her high school and competition team. “It is similar, but they didn’t have cheer mats when I cheered. Skill levels have increased, and cheer is more respected as a sport.” Competition/ football cheerleader Maddie Locher, 11th grade, proclaims she enjoys cheering because “it is not like other sports. [Cheerleaders] only have so much time to show their skills, but other sports have several hours.” 10th grade competition/football cheerleader Moriah Majors, who has been cheering for nine years, says that last year, during the competition season, “We almost made State. We were 4th in regions, made Sectionals, but not the second day of State.” Majors also tells us, “It is fun cheering, being able to flip in the air. It’s enjoyable.” She explains she wanted to do gymnastics, but the bar scared her, so she went with cheer. Fellow teammate Aszman adds that she likes to cheer because “the team is close, and so it is fun being with each other.”

These young athletes have put so much into cheerleading. They have tryouts, practices, and team meetings in addition to finding time for fun, but they still work hard, and it shows on the competition floor and on the football field. They are just like other athletes in many aspects. Cheerleading can be a very dangerous sport. They have to have teamwork and trust one another to be there for the other team members. It is not about who comes out on top; it is about who comes out as a team.

These fellow students take pride in being our school’s competition and varsity football cheerleaders. It is plenty to take on, but they are there for each other and there for our football players. They work so hard and put so much time into the competition season. They are here and ready to represent Woodstock High school.

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