Page-turning hits or just another miss?

 Grace S.

Fellow Wolverines, have you been looking for a way to wind down after a long day of school? For those who have not been reading lately, now is the time to start. Students all over the school have been raving about the new books that they have been reading, with the novels ranging from fantasy-romance to stories about average high school students struggling with daily life.  

City of Bones is the first installment in the Mortal Instruments series.

For those interested in the breathless adventure of fighting and saving the world, City of Bones is a perfect option. City of Bones by CassandraClare revolves around Clary Fray, who is a fifteen year old girl with a bad history. Clary is a strong-willed, independent female who one night heads downtown to a club called Pandemonium and runs into a bit of a situation: a murder. The three teenagers she meets are Shadowhunters, people who hunt the demons of the night and seem to grow even more wicked with every page turn. No one else can seem the except Clary, and that is because she is also a Shadowhunter. In a state of panic, Clary tries to call the police, but when she looks back, the dead boy on the ground is gone. Clary’s mind is reeling with the fact that it was her first real interaction with people like her; also it is her first encounter with hottie Jace, the boy who looks like a god and acts like one of the demons of the night. Soon, Clary finds herself wrapped up in lies of deceit, survival, and most of all, her past. Clary is on a journey to not only find herself, but her missing mother. Together, Clary and her new friends start a journey that she will never forget. Sophomore Mia Vahle commented, “It’s different and exciting at the same time, not what you expect, and that’s just how I like it.” The plot of this story is twisted and creative, much like fresh air after a day spent indoors. The characters in this book are funny, witty and can leave readers laughing or crying through the last page. City of Bones is an absolute must read.

If sci-fi fantasy does not sound interesting, then perhaps betrayals and high school drama will sound more appealing. Death takes a toll in Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. In the town of Rosewood live four girls with a deadly past. These girls are off their rockers and are on the mend from how their close friend, Alison Dilaurentis, mysteriously disappeared one night and was never to be found, at least not alive that is. Soon the four girls are reunited together and slowly become friends once again. As time goes on, the police discover Alison’s body buried in the woods, and it was no accident. Her killer is out for blood and it tormenting Alison’s four friends Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna like it is nobody’s business. Only who killed Ali? When the girls start to receive strange, blackmailing text messages from an unknown number, they believe it to be Alison’s killer, but what if Allison’s killer is Alison? It looks as if people will have to read the series to find out.  The four characters are amazingly put together to make readers feel as though the characters are their friends. The plot is constructed in a way where the audience has no idea what is going to happen, and that is what makes this book so exciting.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

If Pretty Little Liars is not enough to cut down the book hunger, many girls are highly recommending the award-winning book Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Andersonbecause it has just the same amount of drama and cliffhangers as the Pretty Little Liars series. High school can sometimes really break a person, and that is what has happened to Lia and Cassie. In Wintergirls these girls are both dealing with the horrors of eating disorders. Both starve themselves to the point of pain, yet they manage to make the ideal size they want. Only Cassie seems to fade into a deeper, darker hole until she is dead. When Cassie is no longer there to be with Lia, the torn best friend begins to become more and more obsessed with her own body image and feels the hallucinations take hold of her. Lia begins to feel as though Cassie’s spirit is haunting her, only to realize she is just going insane. What will happen to Lia when she realizes double zero is just too big of a size for her? Will she submit to the demons inside, or will she overcome her heart-wrenching disorder? This book takes people on a realistic journey that will having them rethinking their very own lives. In relation to this novel, English teacher Mrs. Louise Graner offered, “Many high school students struggle with their own body image the more that society dictates that you’re supposed to be skinny. Be yourself and choose your friends wisely.” She described Wintergirls as “a shocking, informative novel. It’s something that you do not expect but you need to know about.”  This is one that will leave people breathless, even at page one. Lia is described as a broken girl, but as readers progress through this book, the plot seems to make her grow, and it can really make a person consider how good they are living their own lives.

These books will be the perfect fix for a person’s boring old day, but besides fighting a boring day, reading can help increase intelligence level.  According to WHS media specialist Mrs. Pati Olton, “It can expand the vocabulary knowledge base and expand a person’s view on a culture.” Not many people take the time to read in their free time, and that is a real shame because novels offer students a whole new world to explore. There are so many cultures that we do not know about, and with reading, one can travel to a foreign country without actually having to go anywhere. Head on down to the WHS Media Center and find these books because reading does much more than just entertaining people.

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