Who is Dr. Weir?

David L.

Staff Writer

 A new administrator has arrived at WHS this year: Dr. Paul Weir. Most everyone has seen him at one point or another, though most students know little about him. Nearly every student interviewed for this article replied with, “Dr. Who?” According to Dr. Weir himself, he grew up in Warrensburg, Missouri, and attended several universities while attaining his various degrees. One of the universities he attended was Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas, where he played safety for the football team. Dr. Weir has had twenty years within the education field, most recently working as an assistant principal at Cherokee High School, and before that, he worked at Teasley Middle School. Prior to coming to Cherokee County, Dr. Weir had the position of assistant principal at South Forsyth High School in Cumming, GA. Dr. Weir initially worked as a school improvement facilitator in Kansas City, Kansas, in which he coordinated all industrial technology programs over five high schools and eight middle schools. He was later a teacher instructing woodshop at Riverview Gardens High School, also in Kansas. From this point in his career, he then proceeded to be a technology coordinator for North Kansas City schools, and, luckily, somehow ended up here at Woodstock High School.

Although students view Dr. Weir as an administrator, imagining him to never leave the confines of his office and most likely spending his nights sleeping in the auditorium, this is far from the reality. Dr. Weir enjoys a variety of activities and has several passions, such as motorcycle riding, working in his woodshop, and other adventurous activities. Since Dr. Weir was in the 6th grade, he has been riding a variety of bikes, but his all-time favorite owned motorcycle is a Honda 1800 VTX. He also has participated in exciting activities such as skydiving, saying it is the most exhilarating thing he has ever done. Although Dr. Weir seems to have many loves, his one true passion is in education. He says, “I would never do anything else.” Being a 4th generation educator, he expresses, “Education is in my blood.” He also says that the accomplishment he is most proud of throughout his life is the accomplishment of how many students he has supported, from either being there simply for emotional support, helping students graduate or even assisting students get a job or a place to call home.

Despite being new, Dr. Weir seems to be fitting in quite well at WHS, and his passion resonates with others. Mr. John Bell, an AP Stat teacher here at Woodstock says, “I like his new ideas. I think it’s a good thing to get a few more high school diplomas every year.”  Mr. Bell works with Dr. Weir on the attendance committee as they attempt to visualize possible attendance solutions. One solution that is being piloted this year is a reward program for good attendance. Quarterly, if a student has perfect attendance, his or her name is submitted for a prize drawing. Additionally, if a student were to have perfect attendance the entire year, his/her name will be submitted four times, for grand prize opportunities involving a Kindle Fire, free school parking, free prom tickets, and much more. Luke Chamberlin, Woodstock High school junior, enthusiastically states, “I plan on being drawn every time!”

Since arriving at WHS, Dr. Weir has presented several new programs, such as the advisement credit, which involves a half credit for merely attending and participating in homeroom activities and taking quizzes over those activities. Many students, such as Chamberlin, approve of this new idea. Chamberlin says, “I like this new program. It gives people a chance to make up for their mistakes and live a happy life.” Dr. Weir makes it known that his goal is in fact to help as many students graduate and be successful as possible.

So far, Dr. Weir’s arrival has been much appreciated by both the WHS staff as well as the students here at Woodstock. He has brought innovative ideas to our school and has an abundance of experience from the administrative line of work. Mrs. Krista Webb, AP U.S. History teacher, said, “The whole reason we come to school together is to learn and combine all the new ideas that each individual brings.” With this being said, Dr. Weir has definitely already made a great contribution to our school.

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