May the odds be ever in your favor: a Hunger Games review

Kyla M.

Staff Writer

When The Hunger Games movie came out, it was a huge hit because many people had read the very popular books and had been anxiously awaiting the movie. Millions of people went to see it, with most everyone loving the suspense, violence, and romance displayed in the film. Overall, reviews of the film have been positive, with most people saying that they think the movie was very well thought out and organized.

In The Hunger Games, 24 tributes, or representatives, are chosen, two from each of the twelve districts. The Hunger Games, created by the capitol when the districts began a revolt, were formed in an effort to ensure that none they would not rebel again.  The purpose of the game is to kill everyone else, and the last person standing will be the winner. The loved ones of the tributes, along with everyone else, were forced to watch all of this on the television. Prior to the games, the tributes train for about a week and are assigned a counselor who gives them strategies on how to stay alive. During the game, the participants have to hunt for their food, search for their water, and find safety so they can sleep without being killed. The two main characters, Peeta (played by Josh Hutcherson) and Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence), are from the same district, and while they are not very fond of one other in the beginning, their relationship transforms as the movie progresses.

Many people have both read the book and seen the movie, and most, like sophomores Katie Forester and Adalee Wiseman favor the book over the movie. Forester said, “I like the book a lot better because there was more detail and more action.” While the book does display more detail, the movie has its fair share of action as well. One of the most intense parts of the movie was at the end of the movie with the big fighting scene.  Forrester said, “My favorite part of the movie was the ending because there’s a lot of action, and it’s suspenseful.” Wiseman agreed, saying, “The last fighting scene with Cato [was the best part] because of the intensity.” The last scene has very intense parts to it, and a lot of people seem to like what the movie shows, though some found it to be too graphic. English teacher Mrs. Danielle Cook commented, “The movie was okay, but it was too violent for me and my kids.” She added, “I would not take them [her children] back because it was too graphic.”  

The movie was very interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining. My favorite part of the movie was when the tributes were training for the games in a huge room. The people watching got to see all of the weapons, tools, and devices the tributes could use to help them stay alive. I also like when Katniss was showing the people what she could do with a bow because I thought it was funny and suspenseful at the same time.  The story itself had conflicts near the beginning, mostly involving Katniss. The end of the movie was suspenseful and somewhat confusing, leaving the audience excited to see the next movie, which is coming out on November 22, 2013.  

The Hunger Games movie was a great success, but those who have read the books and seen the movie tend to think that the book is better because of the detail, action, and suspense being better displayed. This movie is not still in theaters, but it can be found on DVD; those interested could also read the book while waiting for the next movie to come out. Those who like violence, suspense, and romance will likely enjoy The Hunger Games.

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