Fierce Five win gold

Amanda H.

Staff Writer

The Olympics is an event where talented athletes from around the world gather together in one place to compete.  The world tunes in and watches these impressive athletes preform. From Europe to Africa, people come together as one while athletes compete in all different types of sports from the most popular, swimming, to the lesser viewed badminton. Numerous citizens get together to watch the gymnastics teams compete with their tenacious flips and extraordinary twirls. From the men’s team to the women’s team, the USA was the team to beat; with the women’s secret weapon, aka the flying squirrel, Gabby Douglas, nothing could stand in their way of winning the gold.  

Douglas was born December 31, 1995, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she has moved from lowest of lows to the highest of highs. Douglas would not be where she is today without her strong support system; she can conquer it all, and this is why she was the best gymnast at the London Olympics. She was raised by her steadfast mother, while her father was not in her life when she was growing up. Douglas did not let anything faze her; she kept moving and kept her eyes on the prize. Life has been very challenging for Douglas, as she had to leave her mom and family to go and train in a different state with the famous trainer Coach Chow, who has coached Shawn Johnson, another famous Olympic gold medalist. Douglas, known as the “flying squirrel” on the uneven bars, will go down in history as the first African American gymnast to win gold in the all-around. She was the gymnast everyone wanted to root for, says sophomore Emily Nevitt, adding, “Everyone agrees that she is the most likeable because of her electrifying smile and the way she performed in the Olympics.” Douglas has come a long way through all her struggles and tribulations, but she has made it on top and is now an Olympic gold medalist.

The 2011 World Champ Jordyn Weiber performed her astonishing talents in the London 2012 Olympics. Born on July 12, 1995, in Dewitt, Missouri, Weiber had a rough start to the Olympics. While the United States was counting on her to become the all-around world champ, to the nation’s surprise, she did not even qualify to compete. Fans watched as her world crumbled around her when she did not make the all-around competition, but she was not about to stop there and be defeated. Weiber pulled herself together and helped her team win gold in the team competition. Weiber came to London being the prized girl to win it all, but in the end, she proved that everyone can fall short no matter how many times a person practices or how good a person is; all that really counts is if people can dust themselves off and stand back up. Weiber did just that and came through for her team.

The Captain of the 2012 Olympic gymnastics team and the anchor for her teammates, Aly Raisman was born in Needham, Massachusetts, on May 25, 1994. Raisman is known for being dependable to the USA team; whenever the team needs a good solid score, they look to her. Her job was to lift up the team through all the tough times and good times. Even though she was not one of the predicted people to compete in the all-around competition, she made it in with her hard work and talent. She tried her hardest to win a medal in the all around competition, but in the end, she came up short and did not medal. Raisman was there for her team, and that is all that really mattered.

With her astonishing talent, Mckayla Maroney made it into the vault finals for the Olympic women’s team. The 2011 World Champion on vault, Maroney was born on December 9, 1995, in Long Beach, California. Maroney is a reliable teammate, and her strength is in vault. The U.S. coach John Geddert said to reporters that they should name the vault Maroney just because she can do it to another level at which none of her competitors can compete. She can reach heights and complete more turns than any of the other girls on her team. Maroney would have pulled through with a gold medal at the Olympics for her vault, but she landed on her butt due to too much power in her run. Maroney ended up pulling a silver in the vault event. Even though Maroney is astounding at the vault, everyone can make mistakes.

Last but not least is Kyla Ross, known for her strength. Born on October 24, 1996, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ross is not the most popular person on the women’s US Olympic gymnastics team, but she is the swiftest moving gymnast they have. Her mother said that she was pretty much born with muscles. Ever since she was a little girl, her mom would take her to the park, and Ross would be the girl swinging from bar to bar on the jungle gym. Being the most powerful person on the women’s Olympic gymnastics team, Ross was a significant contributor to the team’s gold medals.

The women’s USA gymnastics team will arguably go down in history as the best women’s Olympics team that the States have ever seen. From the triumphs to the disappointments, they have been there for each other, not allowing the competition between them get in the way of their strong friendships. Now that the Olympics is over, the girls will go back to living their normal lives, competing in competitions and doing their cross country exhibition tour. The girls may or may not be back in Rio for the 2016 Olympics, but if they are, the world will be watching these fierce five dominate once more.

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