WHS introduces new attendence incentives

Kristen C.

Staff Writer

This year Woodstock High School has implemented new attendance policies in the forms of an attendance incentive program and an attendance recovery program. To encourage better student attendance, for every nine weeks students have perfect attendance, they will be entered into a drawing consisting of items such as WHS t-shirts, certificates to the coffee shop or den, discount coupons from local business partners, sports/prom tickets, and most of all, an iPad. For those who must be absent, they will now have an opportunity to make up the time missed in the form of tutoring.

Anyone who goes to high school knows that classes can be consumed with work. The new tutoring option can certainly help with that extra workload that was missed.  In this initiative, students can obtain help with the work they missed, either before school or after. New this year, for each day a student misses, that student may recover credit for that day by participating in one hour of tutoring. The greatest benefit to this is that students can now control their own credits. Dr. Paul Weir, assistant principal, stated, “Instead of having to fill out an attendance appeal stating why you missed ten days of school, you can go to tutoring and put forth an effort into your education.” Provided, it will take some work, but it will be worth it.

Those who do make the effort to be here each day will have the chance to win some fabulous prizes in drawings that will take place at the end of each nine weeks. Senior Megan Petrovich stated she usually misses two or three days a year, but now with the incentive, even if she is sick, she says she will push herself to go to school because it will be rewarding now.  With the chance to earn many prizes, it is no wonder students are fond of this incentive. Senior Daniel Escoda said he believes attendance will change for the better here at Woodstock. He stated he thinks some students will show up to school more because of the prizes, but some will also stick to their traditions of missing school.  Although some students may find it difficult to make it to school each day, faculty are highly regarding the incentive. Ms. Christine Lauer, an environmental science teacher, has confidence that this initiative will have a positive impact on students. She believes that as the school year progresses, student attendance will significantly increase. In agreement with Ms. Lauer, Dr. Weir, who officially announced the incentive, likewise spoke highly on the matter. He said he wants to give everyone a sincere motivation to be at school. There will always be athletic and sports events, which will give the students more school spirit at Woodstock, but the most critical aspect of this incentive is giving students positive enforcements for attending school.        

According to the Cherokee County Attendance Committee, progressive school attendance often correlates positively to good academic achievement. Students who are absent from school often tend to drop out of school later. Coming to school every day is an outstanding way of ensuring a higher education and more possible jobs in the future. Attending school is not only constructive to students, but the community benefits as well.  Just being at school improves social skills, keeps students active in the community, promotes responsibility, and even initiates occupational abilities. Woodstock High School does care about its students, and the faculty recognizes the importance of learning. While sometimes illness makes absences inevitable, for those times when a student just does not feel like coming to school, he or she should remember that it will always be more vital to get an education as opposed to remaining home and watching TV. From the words of Dr. Weir, “We look forward to seeing you at school this year.”

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