Motocross: a sport sure to please the crowd

Austin B.

Staff Writer

For people who have not tried it, dirt biking is just a creative way for someone to hurt themselves, but for those who have, they understand the many great factors that come out of it. Dirt biking is a way to learn discipline, ambition, perseverance, and many more benefits. Also, it is a great sport for anyone who enjoys an adventure. While motocross is dangerous, it can be as much of a learning experience as any other sport, and, as most riders agree, it is more than worth trying.

Dirt biking is an exciting sport for people who enjoy taking risks. Racing is a way to take the enjoyment of dirt biking to a competitive level. However, it is not as simple as it may seem; there are rules and regulations to abide by. One regulation is the class of each race, which is based on the size of the bikes that are allowed and the difficulty of the track. However, a rider may progress into the next skill level class if he or she is given a skill rank high enough to exceed. There are also extensive rules in entering a motocross race. The minimum age to enter is twelve years old, but in order to race with a dirt bike with a power of 250cc, one must be over the age of fourteen. Also, all riders are required to wear protective gear during the race, and it is up to the rider to determine if the difficulty of the track is too much for him to handle. While the sport is very competitive and exhilarating, riding at a less competitive level can be just as fulfilling and can be done almost anywhere.

Motocross is an enjoyable for passing time in a fun way, whether it is exploring in the woods or riding in a well-known all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, park. Jacob Lacey, a freshman here at WHS states, “I ride pretty often: a couple times a week and a lot over the weekend.” Dirt biking is also a creative way to spend time with friends because the rider gets a chance to enjoy a view of nature or a competitive race together. Riding is an easy way for people to take their minds off of everything else in the world and just focus on what is happening now. On the other hand, dirt biking can give people time to be isolated from the world, which can give them time to think about something that is on their mind. Sophomore Jake Davidson says, “I love it; it’s exciting, fun, competitive, slightly dangerous. What’s not to love?”

While working for long periods of time, it is healthy to take a break and be physically active, and riding dirt bikes is much more physically demanding than people may believe. It can strengthen all different parts of the body. For example, when hitting the ground, the suspension on a dirt bike will take much of the shock, but there is still some resistance that will build muscle on the rider’s legs. Also, turning the throttle back can build forearm strength. Former Mountain Biking Club Administrator, Mr. Rodney Larrotta, claims, “It’s a great sport, at times dangerous, but it would teach riders about discipline, and I think it’s great that it’s so popular.”

Not only is dirt bike riding good for someone physically, it is also good financially. Many people like to build, drive, or control anything with a motor, and dirt biking is one of the most rewarding. Despite expectation, dirt bikes cost less than many other motor vehicles, but they create the same challenge that people want to take part in when they decide to invest in a vehicle. Building a dirt bike would not cost as much as building something like a car or boat; for example, a dirt bike would cost around $600, while a car would cost $6000. The builder will have the chance to enjoy the process of building and riding the bike for a price that is far less than most other vehicular projects.

Once the investment has been made, the individual can decide from the many different places to ride nearby. Moto Mountain in Fairmount is an electrifying place for any enthusiastic rider. It has three racing tracks for anyone who wants to practice and three forest trails of different experience levels for differently skilled riders. Lacey says, “I like to ride at Moto Mountain and Houston Valley because they have motocross tracks and forest trails, so you have more options.” These ATV parks are very well-known and can get crowded at times, but there is another park that is perfect for those who want a less populated place to ride. Houston Valley is all forest trails, and it rarely has visitors. Davidson says, “I ride all over the place, from back roads to Ashton Creek Motorsports Complex in Ohio.” In order to ride in one of these places, the rider must have the precise gear, which comes with understanding and respecting the dangers of dirt biking.

Riding dirt bikes is one of the most demanding sports that one can do. Every turn and jump creates a new risk, and in order to be a safe rider, the rider cannot ignore these risks. When riding at an ATV park, everything can create a danger. Also, riding with other people is a hazard because one rider could drive into another. Not only that, when jumping over hills, the landing can cause damage to the rider as well. If the landing is not straight, the bike could bounce, and the rider could flip off of it. Motocross has numerous risks, and for more advanced riders, there are more dangers because they are willing to take more chances.

Dirt biking is extremely hazardous and creates many risk factors for anyone who does this sport. Nevertheless, it can also teach the rider countless new qualities that they may not have known before. This thrilling sport is a very fun way for people to learn many countless virtuous lessons. Despite the danger that dirt biking creates, it is a great activity for all ages to learn. Virtues

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