Horrific, hair-raising haunted houses

Ashby K.

Staff Writer

Get ready to be scared, as it is the time of year for haunted houses, which are the kick-off for fall and Halloween. There is no need to have to travel far to experience these chills and thrills, for there are many haunted houses near Woodstock, GA. Some of the local haunted houses are 13 Stories, Creeper’s Twisted Horrors, Jaycees Trail of Terror, and Netherworld.

Many people love to get scared around Halloween. They love the excitement and adrenaline rush of being frightened by chainsaws, clowns, zombies, or crazed maniacs chasing close behind them. Haunted houses have the ability to scare many people without even touching them. Not knowing what is around the corner in a haunted house is really frightening. Not everyone gets scared at haunted houses though. Mr. Dan Page, geography teacher, said, “Haunted houses don’t scare me; I just like to see how they scare other people.” Getting scared and in the Halloween mood is just what haunted houses are for.

How would it feel to fall 13 stories down in a broken elevator? Visit the local haunted house, 13 Stories, to find out. 13 Stories has two attractions: “Big Top Secret in 3D” and the actual haunted house. “Big Top Secret in 3D” is a dark, foggy maze filled with ghosts, ghouls, and zombies, oh my! Inside the haunted house visitors ride an elevator but are in for a surprise when it breaks and falls 13 stories down. The haunted house has rats, spiders, snakes, roaches, and clowns. Chris Steele, sophomore, said, “My favorite local haunted house is 13 Stories because it has everything that is scary all in one haunted house.” Located in Kennesaw, across from Town Center Mall, 13 Stories costs $22.00 for both attractions.

Many people’s biggest fear is clowns. Creepers Twisted Horrors, which presents the Trail of Shadows, is a haunted house focused around clowns. This attraction includes a hay ride, a walk in the woods, and a haunted house. Mrs. Louise Graner, literature teacher, says, “My favorite local haunted house is Creepers Twisted Horrors. I don’t usually like haunted houses, but I was dragged to Creepers Twisted Horrors and really liked it. My favorite part was the hot chocolate in the parking lot.”  Located in Canton off of Bells Ferry Road, the cost is $12.00, or $10.00 if visitors bring a can of food that will be donated for a good cause.

 Visiting an insane asylum, a hospital for mentally unbalanced people, can turn into a very scary experience! Jaycees Trail of Terror, located in downtown Woodstock, is a guided maze through one. The people in this insane asylum have lost their minds and are going crazy, and visitors must find their way through it.  “My favorite local haunted house is Jaycees Trail of Terror, and my favorite part is the first room with the doctors,” Sophia Stignani, sophomore, says. Sarah Hill, another sophomore, adds that she likes the local nature of Jaycees Trail of terror because “anyone can work there, so I saw familiar faces.” The cost to visit Jaycees Trail of Terror is $9.00, but if visitors bring three cans of food to be donated, they get $2.00 off.

For those who fear bugs or eyeless creatures, Netherworld, located in Norcross, is the haunted house to visit. Voted the number one haunted house in Georgia, Netherworld is a haunted house with talented performers and special effects. There are two haunted houses at Netherworld: The Banshee and The Hive. The Banshee is filled with blood and screams. The Ys, eyeless, winged monstrosities, have come back to life. They feed on the energy of dying humans and are back to haunt the town. The Hive is a haunted house filled with bugs of all kinds. Kenny Mendez, sophomore, said, “My favorite haunted house is Netherworld. I like the costumes and details they put into the people.” To visit Banshee, the main haunted house, costs $22.00 per person. To visit both Banshee and The Hive would cost $28.00 per person.

Haunted houses are exciting, scary, and fun to many. They can help get anyone in the Halloween mood. Anyone who likes getting scared should visit one of the four local haunted houses this year for the great Halloween experience!

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