How to earn extra money and life skills: Teen jobs

Alexis O.

Managing Editor

High school, extracurricular activities, social life, family, and the stress of being an adolescent – the list goes on and on, and it is a hectic one. Some teenagers are fortunate enough to not have to work, but for many, money is crucial for desired materials. Jobs for teens should be flexible and rewarding. While earning extra cash, it is possible to develop working experience that will better prepare teens for their future careers.

A possible job to consider is a camp counselor, which gives one the ability to work with children, come up with new ideas, and lead his or her group of students in enjoyable activities and learning experiences. This job entails being a role model for young adolescents and creating a memorable experience at camp for them. While on the job, it is quite possible that one will meet an array of different people and develop people skills along the way. It is guaranteed that working as a camp counselor builds leadership and social skills that people can carry with them to their next job, and throughout life.If water is one’s cup of tea, and he or she can swim at least 12 laps, then working as a lifeguard can benefit the teen as well as the swimmers in the swimming pool. This job requires the ultimate sense of responsibility and safety. A 37-hour course must be taken in order to become certified; this course covers training in treating spinal injury victims, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), education in lifeguard equipment use, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and first aid. “I worked as a lifeguard all summer, and it was the most rewarding experience. I’m definitely doing it again next summer,” claims junior Nicole Agner. A swimming and writing test also are required to be taken and passed. This job can potentially build skills in athleticism, decision-making, and medical education.

Perhaps the most efficient, rewarding job for anyone would be starting his or her own business. By running a business, the individual is his or her own boss and governs the schedule. A few ideas include pet sitting, child care, car services, cleaning, or running errands. Becoming an entrepreneur can potentially create a business that one can be a part of for life, along with building skills in organization, time-management, and decision-making.

Most people do not take pleasure in cutting the grass, so that is why lawn service is a wonderful job to consider. People will pay monthly, or even weekly, for a clean-cut yard. Landscaping is a rigorous job that requires long hours and challenging, physical labor. Males are more cut out for this job, for it does involve getting dirty and embracing nature in its bare form. This job requires creativity, not to mention shaping that beach bod from the extended hours of physical activity. If one does a plausible job, then he or she will become well known in the community and be offered more and more jobs.

Working at a concert/event venue is the ideal job for a teen. A few examples are cleaning services, ticket distributor, security service, concession stand worker, or parking assistant. One can also get involved in the event planning by participating in the marketing, coordinating, and technical aspects. “I worked at a concession stand at a baseball tournament once, and I made so much money while also meeting a bunch of new people. It was definitely a win-win,” says senior Sierra Jameson. One meets many new people and builds crucial people skills and confidence. Also, on the bright side, workers can see their favorite sports team or singer at no cost.

If one is a people person and loves interacting with others, working at a restaurant can be a rewarding experience. An array of different positions are available, including a cook, cashier, dishwasher, host, food runner, waiter, and bus boy/girl. Restaurants are everywhere, and stimulating working environments are in abundance. Socialization, people skills, responsibility, and self-esteem are guaranteed to be gained.  

In all, teen jobs can be beneficial in teaching about money and professionalism. A part time job builds skills that can help workers throughout their lifetime. It may be time-consuming to obtain a steady job, but it will benefit one in the long run when it comes to college applications and admissions. It also does not hurt to get a job in a field one would consider working in; even interning is not a bad idea. For those whose grades are acceptable, they should have little trouble maintaining them while also keeping a job. Teen jobs help students gain much needed and valued responsibility and skills.

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