The wonders of the iPhone 5

Caitlin M.

Staff Writer

Many are raving about the iPhone 5, which was released on September 21. Several new features, such as a larger screen and camera, are included with the phone, making people crave it even more. Apple claims, “The iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest, and fastest phone ever to come out.” Showing the wonders this technological world has achieved, the iPhone 5 has numerous remarkable elements that make it desirable by many.

Several are eager about the upgraded features that come with the iPhone 5. Unlike before, Apple is providing its customers with 4G service instead of 3G; this means iPhone owners can go faster than ever before. The phone is just 7.6 millimeters thick, and compared to the iPhone 4S, it is 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner. One more addition that comes from the phone is the A6 chip. The chip’s performance and graphics are twice as fast as before, and users still have battery life to spare. The iPhone 5 can now provide a full day of use with the advanced A6 chip. Apple explains, “This means you can have eight hours of internet use, eight hours of talk time, and ten hours of video playback just in one day!”

If the expanded battery life does not make all customers want to buy the iPhone 5, then the new EarPods will, as they are specially designed to fit almost every ear out there. Users find that the old Apple headphones do not fit right and are an inconvenience to keep in. Apple tested over a hundred prototypes on thousands of people to ensure they could make the best fit possible. Now Apple users can have quality sound paired with incredible comfort.

Not only is comfort a must, but so are pictures that leave one speechless. The camera on the iPhone 5 is now better than ever before, leaving many to believe that it is the best element on the iPhone 5. The iSight camera provides even more features than before including panorama and dynamic low light mode. This definitely benefits those who are camera savvy, as pictures taken with the camera look so professional that many cannot believe they were taken with a cell phone. AT&T employee Van, just one of the countless people who love the camera, explained, “The camera is better than before. It is much faster, and the shots are clearer.” In addition to the clarity, the camera app also allows its users to take pictures forty percent faster than before, to have better noise reduction, and to see an improved low-light performance.  Panorama is one of the latest features that was not offered before. Apple claims that with just one quick motion, the camera can shoot up to 240 degrees; this means iPhone users can actually take a picture of a whole room. Responding to the desires of users, the iPhone 5 camera now offers the ability to take pictures while recording a video.

Another aspect Apple did not make available before was the ability to FaceTime without having to use WiFi connection. It was frustrating to some people that they could only FaceTime in limited areas. FaceTime video calls are the latest way to communicate, but now it is so much easier with the 4G service. This feature is available to those who have the older iPhone version with the ios6 update, so it is not just unique to the iPhone 5. Various people find it so surprising how remarkable the quality of FaceTime is. Sophomore Sarah Logan stated, “If I ever got the iPhone 5, I would be most excited about the FaceTime feature.” Could there be anything more incredible about the iPhone 5?

Not only is FaceTime incredible, but Siri is the most talked about feature when it comes to the iPhone 5 and older models. With the ability to offer an answer to almost every question asked, Siri is one example of how advanced the technology today has become. Apple tells its users, “She can send messages, make phone calls, schedule meetings, and so much more.” IPhone users can talk to Siri like she is a normal person, and she can really comprehend what is said even better than before. Unlike other smart phones, Siri can make everyday responsibilities less demanding. Countless people find this very helpful when having to juggle various tasks during the day. Many students love how Siri can post to Facebook and even send tweets. Either for an adult or teenager, Siri is just one of the terrific features found on the iPhone 5.

While many people were excited about the introduction of the iPhone 5, some think the iPhone 5 might not be worth getting. Logan explained, “I really like the new features of the iPhone 5, but I wish it wasn’t as thin. I feel like it will break.” The YouTube application has also become one of the most complaints about the iPhone 5. Many users do not like the idea of having to download YouTube separately without the phone providing the application. Just recently Google has bought YouTube, which made it difficult for Apple to have YouTube as an application provided. Van explained, “There is a competition between Google and Apple now that Google is making phones.” Users can still download the application, but they have to get it in the App Store. Even though there are some negative setbacks, there are still many other features within the phone that make up for it.  

The iPhone 5 is not only the fastest of its kind, but it is also the most helpful. No other smart phone provides its customers with the satisfaction the iPhone gives. Numerous features such as the camera, Siri, and FaceTime make the iPhone 5 the most desirable phone. Several wonder if a phone can really be worth it, and there can be only one way to find out. They need to buy one and see for themselves!

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