Woodstock students find expression through art

Kyla M.

Staff Writer

Art is a very rewarding subject to study in high school, as it can teach students to express themselves in ways they would never have thought of before. Woodstock High School offers many art classes, including ceramics, photography, and drawing and painting. Each of these classes teaches students important elements that they can use all throughout their lives.

Through art, everyone can learn to appreciate the world and its surroundings. “Art is everywhere, and taking an art class helps you appreciate the world,” said visual arts teacher Mrs. Anne Berman. By allowing students to experience how much time and effort it takes to make something, art teaches appreciation. Art teacher Mrs. Lorraine Tesina added, “Art is life, and life is art.”

While art teaches appreciation, it also can help students think more creatively. Sophomore Theresa Womack expressed, “We have a great art program here that teaches students to express things in ways they could not have before. It brings out their creativity.” Through the various mediums of art, WHS students have been expressing and sharing their creativity with others. Freshman Alyssa Moffitt added, “I am taking ceramics, and I think it is important to take because it helps express creativity.”

The benefits of art classes reach far beyond creative growth, as art classes help students succeed in other classes as well. Sophomore Brooklynn Milone stated, “Art classes can help you in all of your other classes, whether you realize it or not.” By taking an art class, the student’s brain is exposed to a different type of thinking, which can help him or her in other types of classes.  Moffitt agreed, saying, “I am in ceramics right now, and I am very interested in taking other art classes when I am older because I feel like it helps me with my other classes.”

Aside from the educational benefits, art is very fun and interesting. In each of the visual arts classes offered by Mrs. Tesina and Mrs. Berman, students have the opportunity to make very vibrant artwork and to share that artwork with others. Moffitt stated, “I really enjoy working with the clay in my ceramics class.” The products students make in ceramics are interesting and exciting, and the class allows students to experiment as many times as they want while having fun. Drawing and painting is another fun way for students to express themselves. Womack commented, “I want to take drawing and painting because I think it would be very fun learning all the tricks to making art look so cool.”

Woodstock High School’s art teachers really love everything about their jobs, and this contributes to their students finding passion in art. Mrs. Berman said, “Art is something I was born to love, and I wanted to become an art teacher to share that with my students.” Teaching art is a fun job, one Mrs. Berman and Mrs. Tesina really enjoy love doing. Mrs. Tesina added, “I became an art teacher because I love art, and I wanted to have the same schedule as my kids when they were young.” Having art teachers who truly love what they do is just another positive aspect of the wonderful art program that is provided at Woodstock High School. Mrs. Berman and Mrs. Tesina share their own artwork with the students by creating the same products their students are making, modeling for students how to create products of their own.

Art is a subject that students take for many reasons. WHS’s art program is excellent, just like the teachers who come with it. Art is something that helps students understand and think about the world in a way they would never have realized before. It can help them with many aspects of life and help students appreciate the world around them.

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