How to be a Pretty Little Liar

Gabby O

Staff Writer

“Got a secret. Can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave…”  Once hearing this popular and familiar tune, people instantly think of ABC Family’s hit TV show Pretty Little Liars. All who tune in are familiar with the characters, especially the main characters: the cool and collective Emily, the quirky and sweet Aria, the sassy and stylish Hannah and the sophisticated and scholarly Spencer. People crave to be like these Pretty Little Liars, especially when it comes to their style in clothing and their choice of boys. 

 There is much to admire about the girls from Pretty Little Liars, but there is one attribute that tops all the others: their fashion. Whether it is the studious look from Spencer, the casual but chic style of Emily, the classy fashion of Hannah, or the outgoing works from Aria, the viewers cannot get enough. However, there is always the question of where to obtain their clothing. While some of it may be difficult to find or recreate, many items of clothing are easily accessible to fans. On the Halloween premiere that aired on October 23, Aria was dressed up as Daisy from The Great Gatsby. Her embroidered 1920’s flapper dress can be found on the online catalogue of Unique Vintage for $260. Also, at the beginning of that episode, Mona is inside Radley (the mental institution) painting a clay head for Halloween. As she paints, a drop of the red paint falls onto her grey moccasin shoes. These are Ansley Uggs that sell for $100. At the Halloween party later in that episode, the Touch Ups women’s Cyndi open-toe pumps Hannah wore with her Marilyn Monroe costume can be found on Amazon for $81.53. Previously during season three, Hannah wore a Yumi Kim color-block dress when she and Spencer were snooping through Paige’s bag; the dress can be bought at Bloomingdales for $184.80. Also, during that scene, Spencer wore a coral lace dress from Anthropologie, which sells for $119.95. Also in season three, Maggie, Ezra’s baby mama, wore a Dolce Vita Deidra cream lace top when Aria went to see her in Maggie’s classroom; it can be found on Stella Mae’s website for $152. It is easy to find all the desirable fashion trends, though it may cost more than most fans want to spend.

Besides the fabulous fashion, there is another entity needed to become a Pretty Little Liar: an irresistible man. Toby, Caleb, and Ezra have the Pretty Little Liars fans drooling with desire. Here at Woodstock, sophomore Lilly Longoria says her pick would be Caleb “because he is sexy.” On the other hand, sophomore Katie Forrester says her pick would be Ezra “because he is the nicest and loves Aria so much.” Caleb, Tony, and Ezra are all similar in their sweet and caring personalities, but each also has distinct differences. If it is a boy like Toby that has stolen the heart, then try to look for someone mysterious but who is full of surprises. If it is Caleb, try searching for someone who is great with computers and will not take no for an answer. Last, but certainly not least, for a guy like Ezra, look for someone with an educational background who is good with people. Hurry because boys like these will not be free forever.

To snag that dream boy, it is important to have the right attitude. A key attribute is to be able to keep a secret. That way no one can cause harm, and everything stays private. It is also vital to act strong; put on a smile and do not let anyone see any confliction. Also, always be confident; that way it will be impossible to be pegged as weak. These attributes, which have come across in Pretty Little Liars, are easy for fans to mimic.

Aside from the fashion and boys, the best way to be a Pretty Little Liar is to stay tuned to the series. There are so many unanswered questions; many are hoping that this will be the last season so that the mystery of “A” will be revealed. According to sophomore Emily Shuman, “They are getting close to figuring out who ‘A’ is, but they keep dragging it on.” There have been many guesses to the identity of “A.” Sophie Stignani, sophomore, thinks that “A” is either Caleb or Toby, though there is an endless possibility of who it might be. Maybe there is more than one; maybe “A” will be someone that no one expects. Mrs. Louise Graner, 10th grade literature teacher, said that she got captivated by the show through her daughter. When commenting about what she thinks will happen this season, she stated, “Spencer will be stunned when she figures out Toby is part of the ‘A’ team but isn’t ‘A.’ Also, Paige will be found out for sure.” Everyone will be on the edge of their seats for the new season.

There are many ways to be a Pretty Little Liar. Acquiring the character’s stunning fashion is one way. Searching for the right guy is another. The final is staying tuned in to the series to see what else lies in store.  The actual fourth season will not start until January, but there was the Halloween special. Even though the actual past season episodes are not on the website, summaries of the shows are. Currently on the ABC Family page for PLL there are mini-webisodes titled “Pretty Dirty Secrets” that air every Tuesday and give little hints to the identify of “A.” All too soon the familiar tune will play, and the mysteries will continue to unfold. “…If I show you, then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


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