Lights, Camera, Dance Moms!

Katya G.

Staff Writer

People have been buzzing about the hit TV show Dance Moms, a show about dramatic dance moms and their competitive daughters. Some viewers were disappointed in the past seasons due to tense drama and are hoping for a new, more relaxed and stress-free season 4, that is if there even is a season 4. Viewers may not even want to watch the upcoming season(s) because the drama was just too much for some, but others are full of anticipation to see even more drama unfold.

Not everyone is familiar with all the dance moms, so brief introductions are in order. Dr. Holly, mother of Nia, is probably the only civil dance mom on the show. Dance mom Melissa, mother of Maddie and Mackenzie, displays some common sense and gets along best with studio owner and dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller, who seems to favor Melissa’s children over the rest. Quick to point out this favoritism, fellow dance mom Christi, mother of Chloe, is quite outgoing and can stir up much drama, especially when it comes to competition between Maddie and Chloe for the top spot.  Probably the biggest, most explosive drama queen is dance mom Kelly, mother of Brooke and Paige, who actually danced in the same studio as a child and has a long history with Abby. Leading all of this drama, the most crucial part of this whole show would have to be Abby Lee Miller, the very loud, very opinionated, and very frightening owner of Abby Lee Dance Company.              

The very bold and very bodacious mothers who appear on Dance Moms are known across the nation. Most everyone has heard Christi blow up a time or two at Abby Lee; no one can forget how Kelly just loves to storm out of the studio. Mrs. Pati Olton, media specialist, says, “I can’t stand Kelly. She just has the worst mouth, and her gossip is just nothing but pointless drama.” Even though all the fighting and chaos is going on, these ladies still are there for one another. All these moms want is for their daughters to have a good time dancing, to do the best that they can, and to love what they are doing and who they are, just as any mother would. Melissa and Christi do have a rivalry to see whose child is on top of the pyramid, to see who has the main role in the dance(s), from week to week, but they would never intentionally go after or hurt one another. Mrs. Olton shares that she really likes Melissa, who she believes is the one mom who has a head on her shoulders.

Viewers must keep in mind that these moms and their daughters are not always what they seem like on T.V.  They do not constantly argue with one another, and they do have normal lives. The girls go to school and hang out with their friends, but yes, they are indeed in the studio most of their day. It pays off though. All the blood, sweat, and tears help them perform beautifully week after week at different competitions across the country. The dancers always seem to be having a good time just doing what they love: dancing. They can break down a time or two, and it must be stressful, but then again who would not be stressed when Abby is barking corrections in their faces?

From time to time people forget that even though it is a T.V. show, these young girls are really doing what they do; there are no understudies, this is all pure talent and dedication, and the dances are beyond breath-taking. Probably two of the most memorable routines on the show would be “The Last Text,” about how texting and driving kills and “Where Have All the Children Gone,”about how children went missing and violent things happened. Abby did such a phenomenal job at choreographing these routines and produced two heart-stopping, impressionable dances that will never be forgotten. Mrs.Robin White, social studies teacher, gave her insight on the dance “The Last Text,” saying, “It did what dance is supposed to do; it makes you think.” There also have been many other brilliant dances on the show that people cannot forget such as “I See the Kite Flying,” where the girls were supposed to be from a mental institution, or Nia’s solo “20s Scat,” where Abby played into Nia’s ethnic side.  Abby does a splendid job with the concepts and the choreography, but the girls execute the dances in such a mature way that it is absolutely phenomenal.

Besides the dances though, the drama is what really pulls people into the show. In episode 24, “New Girl in Town,” when Kiya and Nikiya came to Abby’s studio, they surely stirred up some feathers with the moms, who were pretty upset that a new girl could just walk in and be on the competition team whereas the other girls worked so hard to get their spot on the team. There is also the unforgettable episode “Guess Who’s Back” when Jill and Kendal came back from Cathy’s Candy Apples Dance Studio. Not only did they just come back, but they came back at the worst time: during pyramid, while Abby was going over what girl was doing each dance that particular week. There are plenty of interesting memories from the show, but people will just have to go watch the season again on the Lifetime website for a little recap.

The dance moms and their daughters have really opened people’s eyes to life of a true “dance mom” and their children. Keep in mind, not all dance moms are just like them, but they do have good reasoning behind some of their remarks and their actions. As a mom, having to know when to draw the line and having to know when to say enough is enough to Abby must be very hard on them. Even when it is all said and done, these moms and girls are such good friends; people just get that feeling that nothing, not even the mean Abby Miller can pull them apart. Through all the drama, tears, pain, heartache, and victory, Dance Moms is truly a great show, and hopefully the next season, if there is one, will clear up some answers and loose ends that viewers never really understood, such as why Kelly wants to leave?  


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