Fall Photo Column

Amanda H.

Staff Writer

November, a month filled with the falling of the leaves and the smell of pumpkin lingering in the air. This month is like none other. Whether you are stuffing your face with food on Thanksgiving or having a bonfire in your backyard, this is a month filled with unforgettable memories.  It is time for families and friends to get together and enjoy the weather, the sweatshirt and boots kind of weather. It is the time of the year when everyone is filled with thankfulness and cheer. The homes will be filled with a fragrance of stuffing and turkey, while families are getting out their Christmas decorations. Some people might participate in waking up at obscene times of the day to get a once a year discount on the trendiest items. This is the one month where you have a chance to bond with people you rarely see and get back into the seasonal spirit. November is a month that no one will forget, and everyone will enjoy until the end of time.

         IMAG0605                           IMAG0607                     IMAG0606     IMAG0603     IMAG0509-1-1      IMAG0458-1-11346472899625



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