What is WTV 7 and How can Students be Involved in it?

Juliene Y.

Staff Writer

                Whether it is a teen drama or the evening news, almost everyone watches something on television. The public is entertained by television, but what does it take to put together a television show?  At Woodstock High School, the students have a unique opportunity to be involved in video production and broadcasting through WTV 7, the news production channel of Woodstock High School.  This production, which is broadcast every Friday at the end of second period, is produced by students for the students. When students join this program it  will benefit students in more ways than a student would think.

                While video broadcasting classes provide a very enjoyable way to be involved in school, many students view WTV 7 as a way to wtv7JY3explore career options for the future. Sophomore Judson Robertson, who currently is in the first video broadcasting class, which is a prerequisite for being able to be on WTV 7, is planning on being part of the broadcast next year.  He said, “It sounds really fun, and I would like to be a part of my school.  It gives you a great idea on how people do it on the news and video making.  It can open more opportunities for later in the future.” 

                Students are probably wondering how they can be a part of WTV7. Mr. Jeff Wagner is the video broadcasting teacher at Woodstock High School. The WTV 7 crew is an experienced bunch of students who have earned their spots on the show. Mr. Wagner stated, “Students need to take the first year of video broadcasting.  There is an application process too.” For students wanting to pursue a career in video production, WTV 7 is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn the basics of video production and how to construct news stories.  “The big thing the students learn is time management,” said Mr. Wagner, who went on to explain, “They usually have three to four days to put together the news story.”  Time management is one of the best aspects to learn for students who want to pursue a career in video broadcasting. Joseph Garlenski, a senior at Woodstock High school who is on the WTV 7 team said, “ WTV 7 gives you more experience about everything you need to know about video and it`s a fun class.”

               Even though the broadcast team only has a few days to put the show together, the time crunch does not seem to affect the production.  The students of the school enjoy the humorous information. The students in WTV7 reawtv7JY4lly know how to grab the student’s attention. They show isn’t boring at all.  Sophomore Meredith Hardie said, “I enjoy watching WTV 7 because I like hearing what they have to say about what has happened or what is happening.” The students in WTV 7 make the production captivating and entertaining to watch by using comedy and making skits and by interviewing people in a fun way, besides just stating the news. They make WTV 7 very enjoyable to watch and it makes students want to watch it every Friday during class. The way the students put the show together and act on the show makes it look like they have a lot of funning. Garlenski said, “ My favorite thing about WTV 7 is that my friends are in here and we get to mess around and make fun videos.”

                Students that are involved in WTV 7 get to be involved in Woodstock High School in many ways.    When students are on the crew, they always know what is going on in the school.  On the show, the students  get to interview and talk to different people on the school staff and administration, and they know about all the events. Sometimes they get to go to the school events so that they can put together their news and get information for the broadcast.

The students that are in the WTV 7 program are very talented and they really know how to put a good news story together in the small amount of time that they have. This class would be an exceptional class for students looking to go into a career in video production so that they can learn all the basics. It is enjoyable, students meet new friends, they get involved with the school, and it teaches them tons of different techniques about video broadcasting.

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