In with the old, out with the new

Jenna K.

Staff Writer

Whether old or new, movies appeal to people in a variety of ways. In the history of the United States, the movie industry has grown significantly. Directors, actors, authors, and film editors have to work together to demand the audience’s attention and keep them intrigued. Over the years, many original movies have been recreated to appeal to the current generation. For instance, Hairspray, originally created in 1988, was remade in 2007 to attract the attention of young adult viewers. On the other hand, some movies have continued in the original format and may never be remade, like one of the most-watched movies that won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Finding Nemo. There will always be some contradiction whether original movies are meant to be remade or if they should never be touched and should stay in their original format.

Original motion pictures have a certain style to the films. WHS art instructor Mrs. Anne Berman stated, “Original movies maintain their original character.” Original character is where the movie has the “old-time” feel to it. Fvideo remakes 3or example, Ring, originally made in 1998 as a Japanese film was remade into an American setting in 2002 as The Ring. Although the storyline stayed similar, the suspense and dramatic acting differed. In the 1998 version, the film was more to the point and continuously frightening, but the remade version had added events that were not necessarily needed. While older movies tend to appeal more to the older generations, many from the younger generations prefer these films as well. Sophomore Jelani Regan said, “The originals of movies are always better. Whenever they remake movies, they are never as good as the original.” Many believe movies should not ever be remade. WHS coach Todd Harris said, “My favorite original movie is Men in Black, and I don’t like any remade movies. I like watching the original versions of movies more because that’s the way it was made and how it should stay. Remakes are just trying to copy the original versions.” In many people’s opinions, the remade versions destroy the character of the original movies. Original movies continue to please people no matter how old.

While many do not see the appeal to remade films, some are unquestionably well done. Freaky Friday, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, When a Stranger Calls, and King Kong are all fantastically remade movies. The film industry is constantly remaking movies so they can exemplify the generation coming up. Regan said, “Movies are remade so they will relate more to me and the people my age.” For example, there are ten original Disney Princesses, but the Walt Disney Company is coming up with newer and more desirable princesses like Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. A remade version of the Rapunzel story, Tangled has more humor and action than the original, and it is easier for audiences to relate to. Frvideo remakes 2ank Teran, WHS sophomore, said, “Remaking movies improves them, and also, a lot more people will watch them.” Many people love newer movies: thrillers, romantic comedies, or horror.  Mrs. Berman stated, “My favorite remade movie is Dawn of the Dead because of the special effects.” Just because movies are remade does not mean they are not as decent or do not have the same amount of quality, at least not to some people.

Someone needs to come up with ideas, and someone needs to make all these movies. Not only does the U.S. have a movie industry, but other countries around the world do as well. Some movies, like Godzilla, made in 1998 from the Japanese movie Gojira,are inspired by films from other countries. Conducting ideas from different places can enlighten a whole new field of imagination, an important aspect in this field not only because it leads to mind-blowing movies, but also because it opens up a door to a whole other world, which helps the remaking of movies.

Whether it is the original movie or the reproduced version, movies are always the best way to entertain. Everyone around the world loves a good laugh, cry, and scare. Movies are the best way to get those reactions because people can emotionally relate to them. Original movies have more of an old-time feel to them and have a special character. On the other hand, more recent movies have more special effects, tingling thrillers, and a wider variety that people can relate to the plot. If anyone is looking for a superb time, a movie, new or old, is the way to go.

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