Woodstock has taken a step back in time

Grace S.

Staff Writer

Woodstock High students recently celebrated the return of the new season of Doctor Who.  For those who have not watched the show, now would be the time to start. The show starts with a young woman named Rose Tyler, who meets a man who just so happens to save her life from Autons, which just so happens to be a form of living plastic. As time goes on, Rose realizes that her perfect life is full of mysterious creatures, and The Doctor just so happens to be a certain type of creature. The Doctor is a Time Lord, a person who can travel through time and uses a special device called a TARDIS, a Timelord technology has taken the form of a 1963 police telephone box and can transport anywhere through time and space.  Over time Rose and The Doctor are in for momentous adventures and fond memories.

As the show started its seventh season this fall, Ms. Wendy Cope, the WHS media specialist, set up a week planned with exciting activities that lead up to the Doctor Who party. Students and faculty members gathered in the media center during the lunch hours to participate in the activities that Ms. Cope had planned. One of the days Ms. Cope had students create their very own sonic screwdrivers, exactly like the one The Doctor uses; all students needed was clay, an old pen, and a creative mind. Junior Callie Schwieger said, “I found the activity very relaxing, and it was also very nice to meet fellow fans of the show.” Bring on the extra-terrestrials! Students next had a chance to make their own Woodstock step in time4GSaliens from recycled materials found in the school recycling bin. Ms. Cope had also given out sheets of a foldable TARDIS. All these activities were inspired by the television show and were mainly designed for the show’s fans to unite to celebrate their love for The Doctor.

The love for The Doctor is a fathomless pit for the fans or, as they call themselves, Whovians. He is an icon for thousands of viewers across the world. Ms. Cope has a very deep appreciation for The Doctor’s personality as well as his thought process. Ms. Cope said, “I find him to be brilliant with the world around him, and I love how he thinks about the outcome of things instead of just doing whatever he wants.” The Doctor has yet to let all the Whovians be disappointed.

Fans had encouraged the celebration or acknowledgements of their favorite television show. The celebration also gave some students the courage to step outside their comfort zone and meet new people. On the day where a student could build an alien, students crowded around each other and began meeting other fans while getting to know one another. The activity was simple, pressure-free from school work, and tranquil. Sophomore Jacque Palmer said, “I would love for the school to do this next year because I can finally find something that I like to do for my empty free time.” Palmer then described how fantastic the Doctor Who celebration wasWoodstock step in time3GS. All the planned activities had been leading up to the momentous party.

The Doctor Who party took place at the Woodstock Local Library on the evening of October 9. At this celebration, the locals were able to participate in dressing up in costume, meeting other Doctor Who fans, and expressing their love for the show. Together, fans got to pick out their Time Lord names, and there was an excessive amount of exhilarating trivia. Another event was the costume contest where many fans dressed up as past Doctors, River Song, Cyberman, and Rose Tyler. The prize for all the contests that night were a pack of Sour Patch Kids, a Doctor Who poster, a Doctor Who magazine, and a Doctor Who bag. One of most popular set-ups was a how make a bow tie, as well as making an adipose out of marshmallows. After all the back-to-back activities, which included instruction on how to make a bow time and making an adipose out of marshmallows, were done, there was a group discussion about which Doctor was the fans’ favorite, and the vote came down to the 11th Doctor being the favorite because of his wacky personality. All in all, the whole night seemed to have been a great success for everyone.

Whovians from all over Woodstock were proud of all the work put into the party. As the week ended, some of the Whovians were wondering if there will be another celebration of Doctor Who next year. With fingers crossed, the Whovians hope that the celebration will reoccur. Fear not, for Ms. Cope has a year of activities to keep students busy in the coming months: a holiday-themed week before holiday break, more open mics, and a NASCAR competition in the spring. These activities will be sure to keep all students occupied and having fun. Cope said, “These activities can help students use their emotions for art and can be a great way for them to express their creativity in school.”  The students could not agree more.

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