Ask Evie: The junior who tells it like it is

Evie H.
Managing Editor

How do I explain my feelings?
Hey Evie, I like this boy. He’s really cute and funny, but he gets in trouble a lot, and my parents do not think he will be a good influence on me. Plus, he does not even know that I exist. I really like him. What should I do?
Dear Confused Carly: He doesn’t know you exist, yet you really like him? My advice would be to move on now before you develop true feelings for him. Also, you said that your parents do not like him. That is another reason why you should find someone else. If your parents do not approve, how are you supposed to have him over for dinner? Personally, I think you can do better. Wait for someone who you know is the right choice.
I need help with my beauty regimen, please!
Can you give me advice? Do you know the best makeup for a date? What do you think is the best makeup that is not too heavy, but just right?
Dear Beautiful Becca: For a date, you need to make sure you look natural. A guy does not like when a girl has caked on makeup or when her face and neck are two different colors. I would dust a light powder foundation all over your face to even your skin tone. Then I would add liner to your waterline (the area just under your pupil where tears build up). After that, put a gold or light brown eye shadow on, but just enough to cover the lid. Finally, add some mascara, but not enough to make your lashes clump. Also, don’t be nervous, I’m sure you look great!
What to wear, what to wear
I need help, Evie! I’m going on a date with a guy I really like. The problem is that I don’t know what to wear. What do I do?
Dear Wardrobe Wendy: If there is any advice I can give you, it is to keep it classy! A guy would not care if you put on a nice dress or a pair of jeans. The only thing that matters is that you are comfortable and feel beautiful in what you are wearing. If you are going to a nice restaurant, wear a cute dress with a pair of flats. If you are going to see a movie, wear jeans and a nice shirt. Either way, I’m sure your guy will love what you decide to wear!
I need motivation, or else I will fail!
Evie, I’m a sophomore, and I feel like high school is a waste of time. I don’t feel motivated to do my homework or even attend my classes. Please help!
Dear Lazy Lenny: High school is not a waste of time. Trust me, going to school for nearly eight hours and then having to do homework for three more is not my cup of tea. Although it is tough, I have learned that high school is literally your key to success. I know you want to be successful when you get older, so apply yourself now. It may be difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run.
I want to be accepted even with my differences
Hey Evie, my friends are always teasing me for being different. I can’t stand it, but I don’t want to be rude and drop them. Help?!
Dear Unique Ursula: Being different is great! Never change yourself because of the opinions of others. Dress how you want to dress, and be who you want to be. Don’t try to change yourself because you feel as if you will be more accepted. If you conform to what everyone else does, you will lose that spark of what makes you unique. Don’t listen to anyone else, and continue what you are doing. Also, who cares if you are rude? The others are rude for not accepting you in the first place! These people are not friends. Surround yourself with people who will accept you for you.
I’m sick of this copycat!
Please help, Evie! I have this one friend who always copies everything I do. She copies the music I listen to and the clothes I wear! I am getting sick of it, and I want to tell her to quit trying to be someone she is not. What should I do?
Dear Original Olivia: Trust me, I know how that feels. Honestly, you need to talk to your friend and tell her that you appreciate that she likes your style but to quit copying every move you make. Tell her to be herself. Although she may not listen, she will regret doing what she is doing because she will lose sight of the person that she is meant to be. Also, let her know that it is more important to like what she likes than to like what you like just because you like it. I know that sounds confusing, but the moral of the story is telling her to be herself will save you from any further annoyance.
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