Atlanta Falcons Are On the Road to the Super Bowl

Christian H.

Having done everything that conventional wisdom says to do, the Atlanta Falcons are knocking on what could be the most exciting year in team history! With most of his time spent doing business with team president Rich McKay, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is assuming an active role in the club and intends to make the necessary moves in order to ensure that the Falcons go all the way. Everything having to do with the game of football itself is left up to General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, who has much confidence, considering he was with the Patriots when they won all three of their Super Bowls. Dimitroff has been heavily involved with the scouting aspect and developed an immediate relationship with Head Coach Mike Smith. WHS Coach Corey Nix believes, “The Falcons should be able to win the Super Bowl as long as they get a good running game going into the post-season.”
This strict structure that the coaches have implemented is making the Falcons seem like geniuses for all of their innovations. Building one of the most well-known and respected rosters in the league, the Falcons leaders have coached and taught their players how to have discipline and class. What is making the Falcons so hyped as a team is their 4th year quarterback Matt Ryan, who can only smile when thinking about his one-of-a-kind wide receiver in Julio Jones, who won a national championship at Alabama. Anchoring the tight end spot is hall of famer Tony Gonzales. This is not just an offense who likes to put the ball in the air; they are often described as very versatile. Atlanta is set up front with five work horses on the o-line and a powerful running game led by Michael Turner, who is looking to run for over 2,000 yards and help the Falcons get to a Super Bowl by being able to run and throw the ball efficiently.
While the Falcons’ defense may not seem quite as talented as the offense, they are just as balanced. The area that the Falcons are most excited about is being able to pressure the opponent’s quarterback with pass rushers up front, tough nose interior players, a rising star at linebacker (Sean Weatherspoon) and a secondary led by three Pro-Bowl cornerbacks in Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson and fresh out of Philly Asante Samuel. WHS junior Tyler Baggett believes, “They are the best defense in the league and can do anything they want to as long as they keep the goal of winning a Super Bowl in mind.” The Falcons defense should be able to help propel the team all the way to the Super Bowl. According to Larob Terrell, a senior Woodstock football player, the Falcons should be serious Super Bowl contenders because of their speed on defense.
Going into the draft, they did not have any immediate places on their roster to be revamped. The Falcons will have to see how far their veteran-filled squad can get them. Their plan is to ride experience all the way this year and have a little bit of young talent help boost them. Just two of the Falcons’ six total selections came before the fifth round, which shows that they are making the most out of low level draft picks. The Falcons were able to pick up some serious players on both sides of the ball, and they continue to draft key players on their team, which is very clearly making an impact because they are also one of the most experienced teams in the league.
While the Falcons have many things going for them, heading into the 2012 season, the team has not won a single playoff game with Matt Ryan behind center. The Falcons are 0-3 in postseason play since the Dimitroff/Smith/Ryan era began in 2008. General management is perplexed on what to do about their playoff woes. The Falcons cannot change head coaches, as Smith has done way too good a job. The Falcons cannot change the players; none of them are distinct enough to justify an expensive repair job. Most people would say to just give them a speech to get them all pepped up, but these are professionals who have been in the game so long that they need more than just a speech to get them going. Something like momentum or actual visual site of a Super Bowl ring would probably do the job.
So what do The Falcons do? How do The Falcons push a thirsty ball club to a championship? GM Dimitroff and Head Coach Smith actually came up with a solution: bring in new top-level assistant coaches to install more schemes that mesh well with the players and personnel. This is what led to the hiring of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan; they are both going to get back to the basics and get Atlanta to the top. Both men are extremely hard-working coaches who will look to push their players to do more than what there used to. Both coordinators are described as being “college” type of coaches, meaning they are very “rah rah” and will get the players into the game. Both coaches came from very respectable college football teams and have enjoyed great success.
The Falcons have wonderful things in store for them this year, and it will be exciting to see how far they go. Anything is possible!

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