Take a Bite Out of The Vampire Diaries

Caitlin M.

Staff Writer

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular television shows watched around the United States. The show started back in 2009 and received the highest number of viewers for a series premiere. Various viewers of the show enjoy the characters and modern day twists on vampires. Even though The Vampire Diaries has received positive reviews so far, several people were upset about various differences between the book and the television show.

This hit television show is actually based off a book series by L.J. Smith. There are many differences between the book and show that displeased the fans at first. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and a porcelain skin tone, and in the show, she has brown hair with an olive skin tone. After getting used to these changes, fans accepted Nina Dobrev as Elena, along with the other cast, including Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, and Candice Accola. Another major mix-up between the book and the television series is the character Meredith. Elena actually has a friend named Meredith in the book, but in the show she only has one best friend, Bonnie. Several fans are not pleased that there was a character omitted from the show. Sophomore Sophie Stignani stated, “I would have liked seeing Elena wThe Vampire Diariesith two friends because the show misses some events that happen with Meredith.” Although there are many differences from the book, fans have been supportive of the show since the start.

The Vampire Diaries started off introducing Elena, a small town girl from the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, who fell madly in love with a guy named Stefan. Little did she know, he and his brother, Damon, were vampires. While struggling with school and the death of her parents, Elena stumbles upon Stefan’s secret of being a vampire. She pieces together evidence after his refusal to discuss his past. While attempting to keep Stefan’s identity safe, Elena discovers many more secrets that keep piling up. Her best friend, Bonnie, confides in her and reveals she is a witch. Trying to keep the balance between her life and the supernatural world, Elena finds herself immersed in many difficult situations in the dark world she had just entered.

To make matters worse, Elena slowly falls for Stefan’s brother, Damon. Damon is the “bad boy” type who does what he wants without thinking of the consequences. History repeats itself as a love triangle forms between Elena, Stefan and Damon. Questions arise on whether Stefan’s attraction to Elena is because of her strong resemblance to Katherine, his former love. Ultimately, Elena tells Damon, “Stefan will always be the one.” After a while, Elena eventually falls for Damon again, and they become closer than before. In the meantime, a girl from the brothers’ past named Katherine, returns for Stefan. Stefan reveals to Elena that she is Katherine’s doppelganger, a ghostly double of a person. The twist is, Elena has no iWe All Go a Little Mad Sometimesdea that Katherine was the demise of Stefan and Damon’s human lives and causing the ongoing rivalry between the two.  All the drama within the show makes fans all ages go head over heels.

One of the many reasons The Vampire Diaries is one of the top shows on television is the suspense the writers provide for their audience. The writers do such an incredible job keeping the show interesting that it is difficult to stop watching. Not only does the suspense give the fans a reason to watch the show, but the astonishing realistic special effects give the fans the feeling they are actually there in Mystic Falls. Many do not know that almost all of the scenes in the show are actually filmed on a sound stage. They can actually mimic lighting effects inside a building. The makeup is another aspect that makes the show that much better. Several cannot make vampires look so genuine, but the makeup artists on the show are always spot-on without making it tacky.

There are countless fans of The Vampire Diaries who just cannot get enough of this television phenomenon. Several can be found here in Woodstock High School, including many of the students and teachers. Stignani said, “I love the show because it’s a new idea on modern vampires.” Ever since the show’s conception, there has been controversy on which brother is the favorite of the two. Stignani stated, “Damon has always been my favorite.” Others would disagree and say Stefan is the better choice for Elena because he shows more compassion towards her and takes her feelings into account before his own. Students and teachers alike have many reasons on why The Vampire Diaries is a highly popular television show. English teacher Mrs. Louise Graner explained, “I watch the show because I got encouraged from one of my students.” She is looking forward to many events to happen coming up in the show. Mrs. Graner wants to find out why Connor, a new character introduced in season four, is one of the five vampire hunters. It is no wonder there are so many fans that crave the show even more every time it airs.

Season four aired on October 11, and several fans are already excited to find out what is next for the show. The season is promised to answer many questions and of course introduce new characters such as Connor, the new vampire hunter. Season three left the viewers wondering if Elena would be turned into a vampire after going off a bridge. Many also wonder if the new characters to come will become allies or enemies to the vampires. The only way to find out is to tune in on Thursday evening at 8:00 PM on the CW.

Whether or not it comes down to the bone-chilling drama or the love between the three main characters, The Vampire Diaries will always be one of the most watched television series. Not only do teenagers love the show, but many adults are as crazy as their younger generation. The show still has many exciting and twists and turns to come in season four.

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