A Diabolical Trilogy

By Grace S.
Staff Writer

Readers have been feeling a range of emotions from anguish to utter joy when reading the famous books of Cassandra Clare. With the Mortal Instruments series unfortunately wrapping up, Clare is releasing her last installment of The Infernal Devices trilogy. The first book in the series is The Clockwork Angel, the second is The Clockwork Prince, and the soon to be released conclusion is TheDiabolicalTrilogyGS2The Clockwork Princess. This tantalizing trilogy has been drawing in readers from across the globe to witness the remarkable, magnificent, and romantic lives of the outstanding trio that is the stunning Tessa Grey, the dashing Will Herondale, and the tender-hearted Jem Carstairs. Together these characters try to unravel the evil that has been forced onto the world. With every page, the world, for Tessa and the readers, begins to become darker, bewitching, and downright passionate. Throughout the story, readers get pages after pages of these brilliantly thoughtout characters.
Why would anyone want to read a book like this? Well, the first book, The Clockwork Angel, introduces Tessa Gray, a desperate girl searching for her brother. In her search, she travels to London and is captured by the Dark sisters, the sinister workers of the Magister, who is in desperate need of Tessa’s power. The Dark sisters bring a new change to the downworlders (people of the supernatural), but when all hope is lost, Tessa finds herself in the hands of James and Will. These boys are Shadowhunters and protectors against the supernatural. The plot will keep twisting and entangling in the darkness that these boys live to defend the world from.

This book is not about how a silly teenage girl falls in love and almost dies a thousand times over, for Tessa is actually a strong, stubborn, intelligent, and remarkable girl. She must fight to keep not only her inner demon in check, but also all the ones who are out to get her. Her role throughout the story begins to expand from a naive teen to an independent fighter. Also, her love interest expands from not only Will, but his best friend Jem. This love triangle will create some interesting conflict for the readers and have them trying to decide which boy is the best for her. The dark twisted plot just gets downright sinister with the all-mighty Magister, who is the only who knows how to tame Tessa’s power. He will stop at nothing to make Tessa his property, even if it takes a few people dying to retrieve her.
The Magister is going to use Tessa for his world domination. He will take her brother, Nate, as hostage to keep her in check. Tessa is determined not to let the Magister get the better of her. Yet, a book cannot be all about girl power. Will is the stunning, attractive, self-destructive leading male in this trilogy. He has problems of his own already, plus he now has the alluring Tessa to TheDiabolicalTrilogyGSlook out for. Will was orphaned at a very young age and never fully recovered due to the fact that a Demon told Will that if he ever loved anyone, that individual would die. This curse may not even be real, but Will is just not willing to risk Tessa for his reckless greed. This causes a great rift between Tessa and Will throughout the series, and that is where good old Jem comes in. To Tessa, Jem is a sweet, loving gentleman who listens to her whenever she needs it. Jem is her companion when no one else is there to pick up the pieces; he even helps her after all of Will’s temper tantrums. The downfall is that Jem must take a drug that slows the process of death, and if he does not take it, the doors of Death will come much too early for Jem’s liking. These events are what make this trilogy so bone-chilling.
The enthralling effect is the fact that sacrifice runs deep as well as loyalty in The Infernal Devices. In the second installment, The Clockwork Prince, Will tries to do anything to reverse the curse placed upon him so he can finally be with Tessa at last. Tessa must save her brother no matter the cost, and Will and Jem will stop at nothing to help her. Jem will do anything to keep Tessa at ease with all the new information about the war with the mysterious Magister. To the Magister, this war runs thicker than blood; it is deeply personal, and Tessa is the key to this diabolical plan. Continuing with the dark and seductive plot, Clare has written a masterpiece with the most elegant works yet. Will Tessa choose love, power, sacrifice, or honor as her downfall?
The Clockwork Princess with be the last installment of this divine trilogy. Tessa will be set on the line. Love, trust, loyalty, and friendships will be tested. Is she going to let her heart get in the way? Or is she going to stand to fight for the one place she feels at home? The last installment will be released March 19, and readers are just dying to see what shocking cliff-hangers she has in store for them
This trilogy will appeal to the readers who love suspense, romance, and adventure. These books will have readers holding their breath and craving for more. Junior Sydney Sailors commented, “I love these books, so much intensity and thrilling plot lines.” Readers will never be disappointed with these books. Keep a look out for the last installment The Clockwork Princess, and keep on reading folks!

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