How to survive the zombie apocalypse

Conor T.

Staff Writer
The apocalypse is defined as the end of the world; zombies are defined as the risen dead. Combine these two, and it is defined as hell. The zombie apocalypse has recently been mentioned is various TV shows, movies, and newspapers. With much attention given to the topic, not much really shows how to survive it. In the event that a zombie apocalypse could actually occur, there are newzombie2some tips it will be important to follow.

The fall of society is one of the first things that needs to be taken into consideration. Before any offensive plans should be put into play, one must observe the world and decide the current state of society. If there is still power, cars, and people moving around, then danger has not yet reached a critical level. On the other hand, if no one is to be seen or heard from, no new reports are coming through, and the only noises to be heard are the shuffling and moaning of the living dead, then precautionary actions should be taken immediately.

More than anything, supplies must be gathered to sustain a stable survival. Nonperishable food, purified water, and enough rations to last until more can be found are top priority in any doomsday scenario. Once the primary supplies are covered and accounted for, lesser supplies will also prove useful. Fire starters such as lighters, matches, or flint and steel strikers are absolutely crucial. Purification tablets or tools for the aforementioned water will come in handy for disease prevention. Toilet paper, extra clothes, sleeping gear, and other toiletries will make the apocalypse much more comfortable, if that is possible. A battery-operated, two-way radio will also prove to be very helpful in signaling other survivors or even calling a nearby rescue team.

In certain scenarios, it is best to try and survive alone, but in most cases, a larger group would be ideal. In a zombie apocalypse, like any other end-of-the-world scenario, it is nearly impossible to survive alone. Woodstock junior Lidia Ellington states, “The best possible survival group consists of only three refugees.” Ellington is not exactly wrong in her theory, as three would be acceptable, even preferable, in a class one outbreak (only a few scattered zombies) or even a class two outbreak (more zombies, but not enough to disrupt society). On the other hand, in class four or class five outbreaks, when the world has completely ended, more than three survivors should be together at all times. In an outbreak as extreme as that, twenty, twenty-five, or even thirty survivors would be ideal.

No matter how large or small a group is, order is a must. There must be a designated leader to take control and plans for someone to take the place of CT Zombie Apocalypsethe leader if he or she no longer can lead. It is best to separate the people of the group into smaller groups and assign those groups jobs. Looters, who should be fast, light people who can get in and out of a danger zone quickly, will be needed to go out and find supplies while also scouting the area for any threats. While looters are gathering supplies, hunters will be needed to gather food and water for the camp; the hunters should be quiet enough to hunt but fast enough to escape, if necessary. In the case of emergencies, medics who are experienced and can work under pressure would prove helpful. Survivalists are useful in any doomsday scenario, as they can help themselves as well as others; this group of people must understand nature and work with it. Finally, those who know how to use a variety of weapons and are able to stay awake long periods of time can serve the group as guards.

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, many recommend having weapons such as firearms or swords on hand to aid in survival of the group and in fighting the living dead. Other weapons such as a hatchet or small ax should also not be forgotten. They can prove to be more than useful in gathering supplies such as firewood or breaking into a locked location. In desperate times, makeshift weapons can always be fashioned from household items as well.
Following these basic tips will allow one to effectively fight against the living dead and hopefully survive the zombie apocalypse.

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