Out With the Old and In With the New

By Caitlin M.
Staff Writer
A new year is finally here for those hoping for a fresh start. After the crazy events of 2012, such as the feared world apocalypse and the nerve-racking presidential election, many welcomed 2013 ready to set goals for themselves. New Year’s resolutions create hope for those who seek to make necessary changes in their lives.
New Year’s resolutions are all about the commitment people make to themselves and to others around them. Various people love the anticipation of setting goals for themselves in the year to come, but where did this tradition come from? Believe it or not, New Year’s resolutions were not randomly created. There are several origins showing where the custom of making goals all started. Back in the BabylNew Years Resolutions CM 1onian days around 1867 BC, the people would make promises to their gods that at the start of each year, they would give back borrowed objects and reimburse their debts. Another possible origin comes from the Romans who believed that at the beginning of each year, they would make promises to the god Janus. (This god is essentially where the month of January got its name.) One more origin to the famous New Year’s resolutions goes back to the medieval era. During this time, the knights took something called a peacock vow, which had the knights believe that at the end of Christmas, they would re-affirm their obligation to chivalry. While much has changed since these ages, people are still partaking in the tradition of making new resolutions.
Resolutions of today may be different from those of the past, but there are quite a few New Year’s resolutions that people around the world strive to accomplish each year. Starting a diet, getting better grades, and being social top the lists of many. Many people wish to start or maintain their diet and keep up with their body. Sophomore Kyla Pinkston explained, “I am happy with who I am, and I hope to stay with my current choice of food and exercise routines.” It may seem hard for some to initiate a goal such as this one, but there are countless people who have managed to change their food choices and exercise routines entirely.
Eating right and exercising daily is a desirable way to start off a new year, but those who are happy with their health might focus on school more than other priorities in their life. When yearning for better grades, one must be committed to hard work and preparation. It can be difficult at first to mainly focus on school, but many students are grateful that they took those extra thirty minutes at home to study. Some students may want to score better New Years Resolutions CM 2grades, but others may strive simply to uphold their averages. Many students feel they actually want to retain their grades from last semester. Sophomore Kyra Devery said, “This year I want to maintain my good grades and make sure to accomplish my other resolutions I have set for myself.” Making good grades may be a hard task, but those who are committed to school and make time to study have what they need to succeed. Devery also explained that her goals are really important to her, and she wishes to not disappoint herself this year. Others feel the same when it comes to making resolutions.
Getting better grades is not the only desire for resolutions in the New Year; some may just want to be social butterflies, unlike the past years. Even a tiny step by talking to one new person can lead someone to many new friends in the future. There are several new faces here at Woodstock, and welcoming them will be a great way to make new friends. Devery stated, “I feel my resolutions for this year are essential because I know they will make me a better person if I do good deeds such as making friends with new people.” New Year’s resolutions are all about making someone feel proud about themselves, like when someone improves in school.
After discussing the most popular types of resolutions, both students and teachers at WHS think that New Year’s resolutions are fantastic for those who want to get the new year started on the right foot. Pinkston said, “I already have accomplished my goals from past years, and I hope that I can maintain my resolutions I have made for this year.” She explained that it may be a struggle, but in the end, she is relieved she has completed a goal for herself. Countless others like Pinkston feel New Year’s resolutions are what make people want to do something not only beneficial to themselves, but to everyone around them. Some, like career technology teacher Mrs. Heather Bolt, disagree, explaining, “I do not like to make New Year’s resolutions for myself because I know I probably will not be able to keep up with them.” This can be hard when someone has a busy schedule with jobs and school work. Either way, New Year’s resolutions are mainly for people who feel as if they can actually accomplish anything they have on their list.
To be successful in resolutions, people must believe in themselves if they want to accomplish anything. If someone does not have faith, then how will that person be able to strive for the goal? With a clear mind and faith, it will definitely be effortless completing any resolution. One needs to think of the uplifting feeling they will have when they have achieved something worthwhile.
It all comes down to whether or not a person is willing keep up with their resolutions. These goals give a sense of courage to those who wish to become a better person or want to set up aspirations for themselves. Diets, better grades, and more friends are not the only goals people strive for in the New Year. There are many more that several people have accomplished or are in the process of finishing. Without hope, people all around would not have the encouragement to change something about themselves.

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