All in for the three pointer

Ashby K.

Staff Writer

Shot after shot into the basket, the Wolverines basketball players have become top contenders this season. Putting 100 percent into each and every shot during the games, the boys are having a fantastic season this year. Mr. Scott Krug, assistant principal and athletic director, said, “We have always had a very competitive boys basketball team, but this year’s team is about to take it to the next level in post-season play.”  The team is full of talent and dedication, which makes the boys’ varsity basketball team very successful this year.

Leading the varsity boys’ basketball team in his second year as head coach is Coach Brady Richeson, who is assisted by Coach Darrin Clark, and Coach Jonathan Hightower. Coach Richeson pushes the Basketball 1 AKboys hard, which is just what they need in order to succeed. Sophomore Alex Trammel said, “I love having Coach Richeson as my coach this year. He always finds a way to help me improve my skills at basketball.” Athletes are not the only ones who value Coach Richeson’s talented coaching.  Mr. Krug added, ”Coach Richeson is doing an excellent job as our head boys’ basketball coach.  His leadership ability and passion for the game of basketball is taking our program to new heights, and I am excited about the future of our boys’ basketball program.” Focusing on teaching the boys about teamwork, Coach Richeson is an effective basketball coach and a wonderful inspiration for the boys.

Basketball is a sport that mainly revolves around teamwork, as the players must all work together as one team in order to succeed during the games. “This group works very well together, and everyone has accepted their role on the team,” said Coach Richeson. The players have all learned that being on a team, they must do their part because other players are relying on them. If one player does not do his part, the team cannot succeed, and the teammates will not trust that player. Junior Chris Mowery said, “We have a lot of juniors on the team, and we have been playing together since elementary school. This helps us build up chemistry, which leads to success on the court.” The players are very supportive to one another as well. Mowery adds, “To motivate the team, we try to help keep their confidence up so everyone can play their best during the game.” Players on the sidelines play an important role as they encourage each other with positive comments throughout the game. “My favorite part of being on the team is the team bonding,” says junior Jalen Hannah. Throughout this season, the players have grown to be not only teammates, but close friends as well.

Basketball is not only a sport; it teaches the players important life lessons. Junior Thomas Carroll said, “Basketball teaches you to take responsibility and be on time. It teaches you to do things to your best.” The sport teaches the players discipline and how theyBasketball 2 Ak must be on time and go through with their responsibilities. It also teaches them to be prepared and to take the chances put in front of them in their lives. They learn that they must practice and be prepared for opportunities that come their way. For example, when a basketball player gets a chance to throw a free throw during a game, he must be prepared to make the shot and receive more points for his team.

One of the lessons basketball teaches athletes is leadership. Being a leader means setting examples and supporting other teammates. The seniors on the team, Trey Alexander, Matt Scott, and Myles Scott, are excellent leaders for the other players. “Our seniors have been great leaders by example and vocally. They remind the team that hard work and teamwork is the recipe for success,” said Coach Richeson. The countless positive examples the seniors have set for the younger players will be carried on long after the players leave high school.

Going into regional play, the Wolverines basketball team has an overall 11-14 win loss record. “I expect us to play with a chip on our shoulder and a sense of urgency for the remainder of the season.  We need to prove to everyone that we belong in the state tournament and are a team that everyone must respect,” said Coach Richeson. The boys have worked very hard this year. They have put so much time into basketball, with a number of practices and games. “I believe we can beat every team we play. Our goals every year are to win the region during the regular season, win the region tournament, and ultimately win the state championship. This team is capable of achieving all of those goals; they just need to believe it,” says Coach Richeson. The boys have had many accomplishments this year, including beating Etowah twice. Carroll said, “Beating Etowah always feels good. It is always good when you beat your rivals, and also knowing you run Towne Lake Parkway.” All of the boys’ time and hard work pays off during the basketball games.

The boys’ varsity basketball team is filled with much talent and dedication this year. They have all grown together and learned new lessons throughout this sport. The boys have had a great basketball season, with many accomplishments. Woodstock High School cannot wait to see how far the team takes it this year!

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