Choose where you eat

By Conor T.
Staff Writer
Woodstock High School offers a variety of different places to eat lunch. Students are free to choose between the media center, the cafeteria, and outside in the courtyard. This variety of options allows for students to spread out so that no one place is over-populated. Each different choice offers different opportunities, chances, and decisions to be made.
A majority of students choose to eat their lunch in the school’s cafeteria. Due to the limited space presented by their other two options, the cafeteria offers many more choices on where to sit, and what to eat. Students also tend to prefer the cafeteria because, to go to the media center, they must wait in the hallway outside of the cafeteria for a pass to the media center, causing them to lose a place in line and forcing them to wait longer for food. Another reason to prefer eating in the cafeteria is that cafeteria food has become banned from the media center, and homemade lunches are encouraged. AlonCT- lunch 3g with the time it takes to get a pass, Sam Blu, a Woodstock Junior, says that she prefers to eat in the cafeteria because “ I like being with my friends. And I like eating. I stay in the cafeteria so I can do both.” So, not only do students have to wait for a pass to leave the cafeteria, but some students also prefer the cafeteria so they can stay with their friends. But even when students choose the cafeteria, they don’t have to stay there for their entire lunch. Students are allowed, if not encouraged, to eat outside in the school’s courtyard.
Even though most students decide to eat inside the cafeteria, some students prefer to eat outside of the cafeteria in the school’s courtyard where there are tables and sidewalks that students can sit at or hang around as they eat their lunch. Sophomore Cole Bonat says that he prefers to eat outside because the cafeteria is “too crowded, too loud, and too busy.” Bonat states, “Outside, everything is quite and calm, there is always a place to sit, and everyone is content.” Eating outside also gives some students the chance to play games of soccer, or football. So, while most students prefer to eat inside, some students would advise eating outside instead.
Still some Woodstock students decide to eat their lunches in the media center. Junior Lydia Ellington, who often eats in the media center, says, “I have decided to eat lunch in the library as opposed to the lunchroom because that is where my group of lunch friends sits. The library also lets me do homework that I have procrastinated to do.” While the cafeteria and the media center are two separate places, some students have the same reasoning for eating in them. Another junior Travis Mendel says that he likes to eat in the media center because “the library is less hectic than anywhere else, and I can get work done as I eat my lunch, without the distraction of other people. The library is kept quieter than the lunchroom, and there are always less people.” So, most students enjoy eating in the cafeteria, some students eat outside, and a minority of students choose to eat their home-made lunches in the library. All three offer different experiences and have different appeals.
The different options of where to eat lunch can also represent who a person is. If someone tends to eat lunch in the library, some would consider them a “nerd” or “book worm” which, definition wise isn’t too far off. Most people who eat in the library eat there so as to can get away to some place where they can read, study, or work. They do not want to socialize during their lunch, but would rather spend that time expanding their education.
Not only can eating in the library represent who you are, but so can eating in the cafeteria. Someone who often eats in the cafeteria can be seen as someone who “goes with flow” or “follows other people”. Instead of being a leader who decided where they and their friends will eat, they are followers who eat where their friends do. Also, eating in the cafeteria gives you different options as to what you eat; whereas, in the library, cafeteria food is not allowed and students who eat there must pack their own lunches.
A student’s choices of where to eat and where not to eat can not only help with school work and offer more food choices, but it can also help them socialize and make new friends. Where to eat is something that can be chosen by the student, or by where the student’s friends are. Different places have different aspects to offer, and none is better than another.

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