Let’s Get Crunk

By Jenna K.

Staff Writer

No matter how old someone gets, that person will never forget about his or her birthday. Everyone has them, but not all of them are enjoyable. Being a teenager, especially in this time period, is rough and time-taking especially when it is time for his or her birthday. It is difficult to please everyone, but there is an easy solution: have a birthday party that is Its party time JK 3pleasurable instead of a rotten, dreary party.

To throw a party that is delightful may seem challenging, but in reality, it is a piece of cake. When a teenager is invited to a birthday party, he or she expects there to be food, music, and entertainment. The place where the party is hosted is a ginormous aspect as well. Some ideal venues are Sky Zone, Mountasia, or even someone’Its party time JK 2s house. Another idea would be to throw a surprise party. Leslie Corrao, a 10th grader at WHS, said, “I like the idea of a surprise party just because I never had one, but the other choices seem just as exhilarating.” There are many different ways to spend a birthday, but they are always better when they are entertaining.

One way to throw an entertaining birthday is have the birthday person’s party at is Sky Zone, located in Roswell and Suwannee. It is the first trampoline-wall arena where people of all ages can come and show their inner kid. The Sky Zone staff makes it an enjoyable place to let go and have the time someone’s life, providing party packages that include the entertainment, food, and music. They guarantee their customers’ satisfaction, and it is provided and guaranteed at a low price. The price usually ranges from 100-300 dollars. Sophomore Jelani Regan said, “I had my birthday party at Sky Zone this year. It was absolutely the best birthday party I have ever had. I would not even second-guess about going back. All my guests enjoyed themselves, and they still talk about it months later. I could not be any happier.” This place is such a decent place to host a party, no matter how old the birthday girl or boy is.

Another place to throw a party for anyone of any age or gender is Mountasia, a family fun center. It has an arcade for anyone who loves video games, especially the boys, and it even has a mini-golf course and go-carts. This place brings crazy, amusing fun to the party. It makes the birthday experience ten times grander than any normal birthday party. Corrao stated, “I love Mountasia. Even if it is not my birthday, I still go there all the time, and every single time I have a blast. I love that it provides three different activities, and the games in the arcade are endless. I had my party there in seventh grade, and it is amazing how people still talk about all the laughs and excitement we shared. I would not change a thing about that birthday party.” Mountasia provides a safe, enjoyable place to host a party and at a low price too. The price usually ranges from 100-350 dollars. It is just another great way to spend the birthday of one’s dreams.

Even though Sky Zone, Mountasia, or any similar places are a magnificent domicile to host a party, it does not always have to be at a certain place. It can simply be at a house. Regan stated, “My mom and I usually host parties at my house or go to them all the time. It is pretty easy and affordable, but just a tad more work.” Hosting a party at a house is a smidge more work, but it still has the same amount of fun. The host needs to provide food, entertainment, and music. For entertainment, games like ping-pong or football will allow guests have a blast. They will also not have to do the same activity the whole time. It is also good to provide games that no one has played before that way it provides more of an interest into the party. For example, creative games of balloon sit pop. The more options provided, the better the party. Having a party at a house will cut down on the cost of the party. It cuts down on the price of hosting. The money saved from not getting a party package can go towards more food or more entertainment. Guests at the party will completely enjoy themselves through the entire party.

Another way the guests will enjoy the party is having a surprise party. Surprise parties are a great way to show appreciation and love. A surprise party shows that the birthday person means something to his or her friends. Surprise parties can be held anywhere. For example, it can be held at a restaurant or a house. It can also be held at places like Sky Zone or Mountasia. This kind of party will be a party people will always remember. It makes the party even more special.  Regan remarked, “I threw a birthday party for my best friend. She had no idea, which is the best part. The look on her face was so funny. She was very shocked. It was the best!” The reaction of the surprise is one of the best parts of the party. Planning a surprise party is just like planning a regular birthday party; the only part that is different is that it has to be kept a secret. A surprise party is one of the best ways to spend a birthday, and everyone will enjoy it.

No matter where a birthday party is thrown, if the key components re provided and the right people come, there is no doubt that the party will be a blast. Everyone has a birthday, why not spend it the best way possible?  Make the birthday the most memorable party that people will remember for their entire lives.

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