Ask Evie: The junior who tells it like it is

Managing Editor
I’m tired of my nagging parents!
Evie, my mom and dad keep lecturing me about my study habits. I really hate getting lectures from them because it makes me feel bad that I let them down. I want to have some sort of method to tune them out, but I just can’t do it convincingly. HELP!

Dear Unmotivated Ursula: If you are tired of them nagging, you have to make a change. Whether or not you want to study, it is going to pay off in the long run. You attend school for eight hours a day, so you might as well try. Maybe you could put all of your notes in separate folders and pick one night each week to study a certain subject. That way, when you get home from school, you can devote at least thirty minutes to the subject chosen. I guarantee if you try to make a difference in your study habits, your grades will be good, and your parents will be pleased.
I have an annoying mother!
I need help, Evie! I’m sick of my mom nagging on me about how I’m always antisocial, in a bad mood, and never talking to her. It’s driving me crazy. Obviously, she doesn’t understand why I’m always in a bad mood, and I’d like to keep it that way. Any suggestions as to how to get her off my back?

Dear Antisocial Annie: No, I am not going to give you any suggestions about how to get your mom “off your back” because clearly, she cares about you. It is one thing if you are in a bad mood every once in a while and do not want to be bothered, but when you are always in one, you need to talk to her. She cares about your feelings and is probably wondering what she can do to help. Do not look at her as the enemy. I am sure she has been through many similar things like you have, so give her a chance. She might be able to help you out more than you think.
She is going to forget me!
Dear Evie, my best friend wants to be a singer, and she is really good. I’m afraid that when we grow up, she might become famous and not remember me. What do I do?

Dear Worried Wendy: If she is really your best friend, she will not forget about you. You always have to remember that. If she is a true friend, she will not let the idea of fame ruin the friendship that the two of you have. If you are really worried about it, try talking to her. Explain that you will be hurt if she becomes famous and does not remain in contact with you. I am sure that she will understand and try to work something out with you. Do not give up on her yet!
Overprotective mother
Hey Evie, I am 15. My best friend, who is the middle of five daughters, has a mother who is always on her case about everything she does. Her mom is always after her about boys calling, housecleaning, and other chores. Every day I go over and help her with her chores because she is not permitted to go out. My friend makes it worse by yelling at her mother, forging her signature, and lying to her. How can I help them?

Dear Helpful Hannah: To be honest, it is not your place to help them. If their family is having issues within themselves, you cannot expect to go over one day and change them. You need to tell your friend to have a talk with her mother and try telling her exactly what to say. In the long run, the family will work out their problems without you having to get involved. Your friend is probably going through a phase, so just let time work things out. As for the chores, your friend needs to learn her responsibilities of the house and earn the respect from her mother. They are not your chores; they are hers.
School ideas?
So, I need your help, Evie! I was planning to begin researching colleges and universities this fall as a junior. Any ideas?
Dear College-bound Connie: If you are asking me where to look for colleges, I recommend Not only will you get all the information regarding the college, you can apply for scholarships regarding the school as well as grade information. It is so responsible of you to begin looking for colleges now, and I wish you the best of luck!

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