Old-Fashioned Way of Life

Grace S.

Staff Writer

Modern times have taken pages from the past to transform clothes into stunning styles. Shoppers across the globe are going from average clothes to the new sleek vintage style. Vintage style can be described as bringing an old phenomenon back into modern times or using old clothes from a previous era. These old phenomena include floral jeans, bright blazers, lace, and much more. Retailers are now creating intricate vintage clothing to represent certain time periods, but just where can a shopper get these remarkable products?
One retailer, ModCloth, is the central store where most thrifty shoppers go. This company started when Susan Gregg Koger and her husband, Eric Koger, decided to sell all the vintage clothes that did not fit Susan. In her dorm at Carnegie Mellon University, the couple decided to make a business out of the situation. The idea took off eventually, and in the end, ModCloth.com became the most popular onlinOldFashionedGS2e web store for vintage clothing. The store has a range of sizes from zero to twenty-two, so even plus-sized individuals can get in on the fun. Junior Taylor Hocking said, “I find all ModCloth’s clothes adorable, and the dresses are fantastic.” Besides the shirt section, the dresses are what the store is best known for. The prices are not overly extensive unless a shopper is looking for prom dresses or gowns. ModCloth is teaching shoppers to express themselves in multiple style, pattern, and color outlets with their clothing.
While ModCloth is a popular vintage clothing choice, some shoppers have found another store to satisfy their trendy ways. The fabulous online network called Etsy is a superb online store and sells just about everything ranging from vintage clothing to antique toy cars. This online webstore has a wide variety of handmade and designer clothes personalized for every shopper’s wants and needs. Etsy is a remarkable group of individual sellers, businesses, and buyers. On the website there are many categories of vintage products such as jewelry, shoes, apparel, accessories, and handbags. Billions of shoppers are starting to branch out and discover the wonder of vintage apparel on Etsy. High-waist shorts are a big fan favorite nowadays; with Etsy, shoppers can type in any style of shorts he or she wants, and then Etsy’s search feature will come up with the best match for the shopper. The prices are very reasonable compared to average retailers, and sellers offer good quality products. Happiness for the customer is Etsy’s main goal.
Etsy is a fabulous online store from which to receive quality vintage clothes, but for shoppers who like to “try it before one buys it,” then thrift stores are the better option. Thrift stores are usually one of the first places a person goes to find trendy vintage clothes, as thrift stores offer a wide variety with inexpensive pOldFashionedGS5rices. Woodstock has much to choose from in this department. Park Avenue, located on Bells Ferry Road, and Thrift Liberty, located on Canton Highway, both offer gently-used clothes in a range of sizes. Sophomore Caroline Parks says, “Thrift Liberty is my favorite because the store always has something that I like and at a very cheap price.” Vintage clothing is just waiting to be uncovered from all over Georgia.
Around Woodstock there are many people who love to Thrift Shop. Senior Courtney Hoofnagle said, “I love shopping around for certain clothes that give me that rocker look.” Hoofnagle said she loves the wide variety of colors. When shopping, most vintage shoppers go for wacky patterns that work well together. If trying for a vintage book, search for pastel-colored blouses or a simple t-shirt and mix it with either a darker colored skirt or pair of jeans. Then add any type of jewelry that will be subtle and not take away from the outfit. Finally, a nice pair of flats or heels will make anyone look like a blast from the past. Thrift shopping can lead one to finding the perfect outfit.
Vintage, old-fashioned, outdated – no matter what a person calls this style of clothing, it is spreading across the nation. Vintage style can show a shopper’s personality and way of life, and it shows others it is okay to branch out and be an individual. Try shopping at any of these stores, even just to look, and find inspiration in something that represents either a crazy or subtle personality. One must be unique, intriguing, and dazzling. With these stores, one shopper will be sure to find the right look at a convenient price.

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