Pretty Little Secrets

By: Courtnie D.
The ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars has kept viewers on the edge of their seats for three seasons, but what some viewers do not know about the show is that it is based on a series of 12 books by Sara Shepard. Thousands of copies of this famous series have been sold to fans who are dying to know what is going to happen next. Even though the show is based on the book series, there are still some differences between the two that can easily change the outcome of events.
There are differences in the book, but both the book and the show are about a similar conflict among a group of five friends who are inseparable: Queen Bee, Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. Everything goes wrong when Alison goes missing after being at a sleepover with her friends. One year later, Alison has still not been found, and none of the girls really even talk anymore. Eventually Alison’s body is found at the house where she used to live. Following this discovery, all the girls start getting threatening texts from an unknown number and a person who calls himself/herself “A.” At first all the girls wonder if it could be Alison, but there is no way because she is dead. Soon the girls all have to work together to find out who this mysterious “A” person is. What they do not know is that “A” knows much more about them and their past with Alison than they think. Later they unmask “A” to figure out that it is someone who they are close with. Not only did they find out the identity of “A,” but they also discovered that there is not just one “A.” There is actually a whole group of them who are trying so hard to ruin the girls’ lives because Alison has ruined theirs. Not only is “A” wanting to ruin the girls’ lives but also the lives of all the people the girls love. Whether it is telling secrets, kidnapping, or even death, “A” will stop at nothing. This is the main concept for both the book and the TV shoPRETTY LITTLE LIARS CDw.
Shepard is an outstanding writer. Not only did she write the Pretty Little Liars series, but she also wrote The Lying Game series, which was also turned into an ABC Family show. Shepard has stated that the 14 books she has written for the Pretty Little Liars series are based on experiences she had growing up on Philadelphia’s Main Line. People are drawn to Shepard’s books because of the mystery and suspense that she has in every book that keeps people wanting more. Shepard appeals to her teenage fan base by creating characters her young readers can relate to, as the characters in the Pretty Little Liars series are faced with difficulties that every teenage girl is faced with, whether it is crushes, secrets, problems with friends, or family conflicts.
Thousands of fans have started reading the books since the show started, not only to compare the two, but because they are too impatient and want to know what is going to happen next. While many fans like both the books and the show, others who read the books before the show came out do not watch the show because it is so different from the books. Sophomore Brooke Burris stated, “One thing I like about the books is everything is better than the show – more thrilling and explicit.” Burris continued, “I like the book better. It is better because it gives those small, but important details that a show cannot fit in.” Just like every book that has been made into a show or a movie, there are some aspects that change.
Even though the book and show have many similarities, they also have some differences. The TV show writers have added many new characters to the show that Shepard did not have in the book, an appealing aspect to fans such as Burris. These characters have added new conflicts for the girls that have made it even harder for them to figure out who “A” really is. The producers of the TV show probably created some of these characters to keep viewers who have read the book on their toes so while they think they know everything that is going to happen, they do not. Also, there are more people getting put in jail or even dying in the book rather than the show. These differences have made fans either cheerful or dejected that there is such a difference between the two; however, these modifications do give the show or book something special so it is not everything getting repeated.
The Pretty Little Liars books and show have had thousands interested from the beginning. Despite the similarities and differences, both have gotten fantastic reviews. The show has also inspired girls to be themselves and taught them to learn who to trust because people cannot trust everyone they think they can. Shepard has done an astonishing job writing this series and turning it into a hit show; that being said, she is not even done yet, as Shepard has two books that are in the making. Both the show and the book series have had viewers at that edge of their seats and wanting more and more.

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