WHS Boys Soccer: Road to State

soccer AFBy Arianna F.

As the Wolverine soccer team goes into the 2013 season, the varsity boys have many hopes and dreams for the accomplishments and goals they would like to reach. They also realize, though, that hoping and dreaming can only take a player and a team so far. They have to work for the goals they wish to achieve, and they must keep a positive attitude and never give up. With the team now possessing a record of 3-3, they only continue to try more and work harder. With their dedication and teamwork, no one is in doubt that the boys will make Woodstock proud this season, especially by taking another victory against Etowah on April 4th.

The varsity roster for this season is filled with returning players, with the addition of one freshman player in the mix. Senior captains Eric Cervantes and Miguel Gomez strive to motivate the younger members of the team. Cervantes advises them, “You need to really hustle all the time. Give 110%, and even when you are hurting and tired, do not give up. That is what truly makes you stronger. Do not back down to any older players. Just because you are younger does not mean you cannot play with the big boys. Keep at it, and never give up. Senior year everything will pay off.”  The diligence of the younger players, paired with the experience of the older ones, makes the WHS boys soccer team a strong force.

Although Varsity Coach Chris Meeks took off a year and a half from coaching to be with his newborn, he came back this season with high expectations for the Wolverine soccer players. Coach Meeks has played a total of 15 years, which includes grade school, high school, and playing semi-professionally for the Cocoa Expos in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Coach Meeks also possesses a National “D” license from the State of Florida in coaching soccer, which he uses with his players on and off the field while training them. Coach Meeks says that he loves his team very much and would not trade them for the world; the skills he teaches them will most likely be taken with the players to college if they do continue to play soccer.  

This season, the players and Coach Meeks are focusing in areas both off and on the field including bonding as a team and playing harder as a team. The players invest most of their time in mental improvement, as they believe that they physical improvement is good for right now, but if they continue to be more of a team mentally, it will take them farther. Gomez says, “This season a lot of things have changed and are going to continue to change. For one, we are not as stingy with the ball. We actually pass it around and think about others before we make our own selfish decision. Hopefully that will help us go farther in the playoffs this season than last season.” Cervantes shares Gomez’s vision of a successful season, stating, “It’s a new year, so we have new goals, and in particular, one of our goals is to be at the top of our region. Also to have the first ever hosted play-off game here at Woodstock and to beat our biggest competition, Lassiter.” With all these goals and dreams, people highly doubt the team will give the fans anything less than what they are hoping for this season. The team has the reputation of never giving up and never backing down.

The team’s mottos for this season consist of “We are one,” “We believe,” and “We are family.” Coach Meeks and the players feel that these mottos are very suitable and consist of appropriate encouragement they need to help them reach victories and go farther in playoffs then they ever have before. Being part of the team is another way of saying, “Welcome to the family.” Gomez says, “My favorite thing about our team this year and what I love most about it is how family-oriented we are and the friendships we have. Everybody is buds, and we treat each other as we are all brothers. Brothers stick together, through the good and bad, so if that means we lose a couple games, then let it be. That won’t change us from being a family.” Teamwork involves trust in the other teammates and the coaches, and that is exactly what the varsity Wolverine’s soccer team has this season.

This season should blow this whole school away with all the new improvements. The relationship that the players and coach now possess is incredibly noticeable on and off the field. Being hopeful of the team and accomplishments that they wish to reach might just get them exactly where they want to be; believing and trusting in their abilities and actions will even exceed their chances. Let the region championship trophy title live happily ever after in the trophy case in the front office!

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