Love Can Sometimes Achieve the Impossible

Caitlin M.

Staff Writer

Nicholas Sparks has yet again had one of his novels adapted into one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Not only is Safe Haven one of the most recent books Sparks has published, it is becoming one of his most popular. Before the movie came out on Valentine’s Day, people were rushing to read the book, building their anticipation for the film. Safe Haven is filled with many emotional aspects, such as romance and suspense, leaving readers unable to put the novel down.

Safe Haven is Sparks’ 16th novel. Like many of Sparks’ other books, such as A Walk to Remember and The Lucky One, this novel includes countless emotions and family values readers encounter as they advance in the novel. Due to the success of Sparks’ previous film adSafe Haven CM 2aptations, film producers were eager to release a movie adaptation of Safe Haven, knowing viewers would be excited to see the love and depth shown in the book. Sophomore Katya Gaffney explained, “I was so thrilled to see the movie, so when I saw Safe Haven, it was better than I expected.” Based on earlier novels that adapted into movies, Safe Haven should stick to the concept and morals Sparks tries to present to his readers.

The novel begins by introducing Katie, who left everything behind to escape her abusive husband and live in a small town named Southport. Because Katie wants to lay low and try to manage to stay alive, the people of Southport view her as a mysterious young woman. She does not keep up the act for long when she manages to make a new friend, Jo, who gives Katie advice and eventually encourages her to talk to Alex, the widowed store clerk. When his wife died of cancer, Alex struggled to take care of his two children while having to deal with the store he has to run. After some time, Katie finally opens up to Alex, and she grows closer to him and his kids. While letting her past slip away, it finally catches up to Katie when someone finds her after almost a year of searching. Her husband, Kevin, ultimately finds Katie with Alex and his kids. Filled with rage, Kevin waits for the opportunity to get revenge.

Safe Haven does not only have an expected romance plot, but it contains much more than that. The novel teaches its readers about how precious family is. Without family, a person would not have a group of special people to lean on when times get rough. Two of the most important lessons the audience will come across in the novel is that life cannot be taken for granted, and there is always another option when life seems awful. In the book, Katie finds a way to escape the life she did not deserve, but she knew it would somehow find her again. Even though she had this in mind, she managed to muster up the courage to leave a lifestyle no one should live in with an abusive husband. The other lesson teaches the readers how life is too short, and it can be taken away in a blink of an eye. When Alex explains the tragedy of his wife’s death, it shows that people need to cherish every moment with their loved ones. Just like most of Sparks’ other works, he also created this book with sSafe Haven CM 3everal emotional qualities that many can relate to such as the struggles of living with an abusive husband and the loss of a loved one. Sparks always manages to find a way to touch the readers’ hearts while still teaching a valuable lesson in the end.  While the lessons give valuable information, the suspense from the believability of characters and romance appeal to many readers. Sophomore Savanna Adams said, “I loved the book so much, I couldn’t put it down.” After seeing the movie, Adams added, “It was very good, and for the most part consistent with the book. It certainly presented the aspects I wanted to see.”

As one of the newest of the Sparks novels, Safe Haven sure does not leave its audience with disappointment. One of the many reasons the novel is such a big hit throughout America is because of the vast age differences among the readers. The lessons the novel teaches gives the readers some insight on what changes might need to be made in their own lives or a remembrance on how life and family should be appreciated. Because of all these qualities, Safe Haven will grow to be a classic love story that will not soon be forgotten.

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