Lacrosse: The Fastest Sport on Two Feet

Ashby K.

Staff Writer

Woodstock High School’s lacrosse team started the season off brilliantly with a first game win of 19-0 over Cherokee High School. After the first game, the team definitely showed this year will be different. With the talent and determination on the team this lacrosse AK 3year, the boys have the opportunity to not only make it to playoffs, but to win their playoff games and hopefully win the state championship!

Lacrosse is not only quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, but it has also become a very popular sport at Woodstock High School. Junior Hunter Forbes, starting faceoff midfielder, commented, “I am looking forward to a great winning season.” This year’s team should experience a successful season because the team is dedicated and hard-working.

Leading the boys lacrosse team is Coach Josh Sailers, a social studies teacher at WHS. Forbes stated, “Coach Sailers is a very good coach who is always looking for a way to help the team.” Coach Sailers, who has coached boys varsity lacrosse for six years, is a wonderful inspiration to the boys. He always looks for ways to improve the skills of the team. Coach Sailers said, “I love how fast-paced lacrosse is and that it offers a combination of skill and physicality.” Assisting Coach Sailers is Coach Dennis Conway, who said his goal is to prepare the men for the real world through academics and life lessons. The community coach at Woodstock is Coach John Zeigler.

With a strong coaching staff, the boys varsity lacrosse team is full of talent this year. They are expected to be one of the best teams at Woodstock High School so far. Defensive player junior Duncan Morris said, “We have come a long way since last year.” Lastlacrosse AK 2 year’s varsity lacrosse team made it to the playoffs, but the team did not have as many victories as they would have liked. Coach Sailers said, “This year will be very different. I feel confident about the season, and I know we will make it to the playoffs for the fourth straight year.” The boys put 100% effort into each and every minute during the games. Some of the players are filled with talent, like senior Austin Ambrose, who is one of the best goalies ever at Woodstock High School. Also, Forbes has been doing great at face-offs this season. Coach Sailers said, “There has been no opponent that has more face-off wins then Hunter.” Also notable is junior Brock Henson, who has been a scoring machine and is on the way to break the scoring record at WHS. Several players have shown major growth from last year to this year, like sophomore Sean Riley, who is doing really well as the starting long stick midfielder. The coaches are expecting that the team will meet all of their expectations and more.

Coach Sailers not only expects the team to give their all in the games, but also during practice, off field workouts, and everyday lacrosse AK 1decisions. A winning team is not determined only during games; it is also the effort they put into everything, which means practices that require the whole team’s focus and effort. The boys on the team do not only recognize themselves as a single person anymore. They are representing the whole team. This means they have to think about every decision they make, from deciding to follow the rules at school and not get in trouble, to being out in the community and being responsible. Every player contributes to the team’s wins and losses, so even one person gone hurts the team in some way.

The WHS lacrosse team is attaining much success this season, with its most recent 17-5 victory over Wheeler High School, bringing the team’s current record to five wins and four losses this season, a great improvement over last year. The team’s wins have all been a domination of the other teams. From beating Cherokee High School 19-0, following up with killing Norcross 17-1, the team defeated Campbell High School 18-1 and  Creekview High School 16-2. These scores demonstrate that WHS lacrosse does not let up in the games and keeps the pressure on, showing they are not a team to be messed with.

Lacrosse is a very competitive sport at Woodstock High School. The varsity team has been very successful this year, and the coaches predict they have a great winning season ahead of them. Sophomore Sophia Stignani remarked, “I love going to the games to cheer on my friends to do their very best.” Come out and support our boys at one of their home games, such as Etowah High School on April 26th or Hillgrove High School on April 30th, Both games start at 7:30 p.m. and are sure to bring much excitement.

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