Lady Wolverines Soccer

Kyla M.

Staff Writer

The 2013 WHS women’s soccer team has high hopes for a victorious season. With these high hopes come dedication, hard work, and a love for the sport. After a successful 2012 season, Coach Cory Nix and his team have many new goals to accomplish.

Coach Nix, who is assisted by Coach Kacy Nix, begins his second season as head coach for the women’s varsity team. Coach Nix, who was not a soccer player himself, explains how he reached this point, “What made me want to become a soccer coach is that I truly love the sport. I never playedsoccer KM 2 soccer, but I used be the assistant coach for junior varsity boys, and I began to love it. After two years of that, I began to realize all the things about the sport and decided to become head coach. There was an opening for girls, and now I am the head coach for varsity girls.” Coach Nix and led the team to its best season in school history last year and strives to go even further this year.

With the start of a new season comes new goals, and all of these goals require a tremendous amount of work. Coach Nix stated, “Some of our goals this year are to win county again, make state playoffs, and also win region.” The goals the players have set for themselves seem to be in sight in how they are practicing and performing on the few games they have had. Sophomore Jordan Barham added, “My goals for the new 2013 season are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. I hope to win county again, go to playoffs, and also win regions. I also want our team to become close, and act as a team or even as a family.” Coach Nix and Barham both have the same goals for this new season and have high hopes of accomplishing them.

While the team has done very well in the past, there are still changes they can make to achieve even greater success. Coach Nix said, “I would really like to see changes in the way we practice. I would like for practices to be less goofing around and more intense and game-like.” By making practices more serious, the team can be prepared for almost anything during their actual games.  Barham stated, “The thing I want to be different about this season is that we make sure everyone is focused asoccer KM 3nd working hard at all times.” This intensity will allow them to become more of a team and all-around better soccer players.

While diligence and dedication are necessary for success, trusting and caring for one another only helps the team be even better. A good number of players are returning from the previous season, which transfers to success on the field because they are familiar with playing with one another and know how the team works on the field. The team is much like a family, such as Barham has said, “My favorite part about the team is that we are all like a family, we have a lot in common, and always have so much fun together!” Having a team that gets along when trying to be successful is very beneficial.

The 2013 soccer season is anticipated to be a successful season for the players and coaches who have many goals for the team, and will work diligently to achieve them. The changes the team makes will benefit them on the field as they continue to work together to win.

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