“Magic Always Comes with a Price”

Morgan M.

Staff Writer

Viewers are raving about ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the mystical fairytale television show based on the fairytale stories that children grow up reading. However, these stories have a special twist to them; the characters find themselves in a small town called Storybrooke in New England versus in their original home, the Enchanted Forest.

Once Upon a Time first premiered on October 23, 2011, and is currently in its second season. The brilliant thinking behind this complex yet exciting show comes from Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Originally the two men were on the writing staff for ABC’s Lost but decided to break off and create their own show in 2004. After years of writing scripts and filming, the pilot was finally aired, and Once Upon a Time has been a major success ever since the beginning. In an interview with Christina Radish, a reporter from Collider magazine, Horowitz states, “I never thought that the show would be this big of a success. I guess it just proves to show we never truly lose our inner five year old kid.” The hard work that Kitsis and Horowitz put into this show paid off because now Once Upon a Time is ABC’s number one fantasy show.

To successfully put on a show such as Once Upon a Time week after week takes much effort. For instance, a show like this not only has numerous people behind the production, but it also has many different special effects to make this fantasyland turn into reality. Kitsis says, “ABC’s given us a lot of support with keeping up with the magnificent and realistic effects week after week; it really takes a load off of Adam and I.” The main effect used in Once Upon a Time is how week after week, the production crew makes magic happen on each show. That in itself is an enormous task.

The casting for this show was a long and agonizing progress, but Kitsis and Horowitz were going to keep looking until they found the perfect people to fill the roles for their characters. Ginnifer Goodwin, who was cast as Snow White, appreciated that she would be playing a strong character. In fact, Goodwin had just finished her work on the series Big Love and was looking for a new project; she turned to television after movie scripts failed to attract her attention. Both Kitsis and Horowitz were thrilled to have such a skilled actress like Goodwin accept the challenge of fulfilling the character of Snow White. Joshua Dallas, who plays Snow White’s husband, Prince Charming, was pleased the writers took “some dramatic license” with the character, believing the prince had become more real. Dallas explained, “Prince Charming just happens to be a name. He’s still a man with the same emotions as any other man. He’s a prince, but he’s a prince of the people. He gets his hands dirty. He’s got a kingdom to run. He has a family to protect. He has an epic love for Snow White. He’s like everybody else. He’s human.” Snow White and Prince Charming’s beloved daughter Emma Swan, played by  Jennifer Morrison, is destined to break the curse put on them from the Evil Queen/Regina, who is played by Lana Parrilla. Known for her roles in Spin City and 24, Parilla says, “There are always two stories being told when playing Regina. There’s the threat of her knowing she’s an evil queen, and then there’s just the pure simple fact that the biological mother has stepped into her world, and the threat of losing her son is just enormous. That’s a fear that I think any adopted mother would have. I think that’s going to really help the audience relate to Regina in some level.” All of the characters would not be in the real world if it was not for Rumplestiltskin, also known as the Dark One. The role of Rumplestiltskin, who is considered the best deceiver in the Enchanted Forrest, was given to Robert Carlyle. Though Kotsis and Horowitz thought Carlyle would never accept the role, it was written with him in mind. Both writers agree, “We never expected to have such a great group of people that completely fulfill their roles to the best of their extent.”

Several agree that Once Upon a Time is by far their favorite show. Sophomore Sophia Stignani states, “I love Sundays because I know that Once Upon a Time will be on, and I enjoy watching week to week the constant battle between good and evil. It reminds me of my childhood.” However, the storyline of this show may be confusing to many, so if viewers decide to just begin watching Once Upon a Time in the middle of the season, a good thing to do is go on ABC’s website to watch previous episodes and catch up with the drama of Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time is a wonderful show for all ages from young children to grandparents because it is a story of action, adventure, fantasy and fairy-tale. This show is known to bring out everyone’s inner child. Once Upon a Time airs every Sunday night at 8 pm. Be prepared to be hooked on Once Upon a Time, and enjoy the fantasy and inner child brought out.

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