What`s Downtown?

By Juliene Y

Staff Writer

You want it?  We have it!  It is incredible how much Downtown Woodstock has grown over the last 15 years.  Forget running to the mall when in need for a special occasion.  The shops in downtown Woodstock have much to offer to meet people`s needs.  From antiques to clothes, the shops downtown offer a wide array of unique finds.

Consignment stores have become extremely popular as the economy has made Americans a little tighter with their money.  Show Me Off Again is a consignment store that sells clothes for men, women, and children.  Browse through the selection of gently used fashions, and watch the money stretch.  Not only can people find outstanding bargains here, but they can make some extra cash by reselling items hanging in the back of their closets. Sophomore Gentry Moore said, “I think it`s awesome how I can take clothes that I don’t wear anymore and resell them for other people to wear.”

For those not into resale, there are some excellent clothing stores to find something for that special occasion.  Threads offer name-brand clothing for men and women, offering a wide variety of brands and accessories.  Another great ladies clothing store that people can go to is Dress Up, a fashion-forward store full of cute clothes, shoes, and accessories. The clothing at Dress Up is very chic, offering everything from dresses to tank tops; the store’s unique style and affordable prices make it a hot spot for teens and college girls. Sophomore Meredith Hardie said, “I absolutely love going into Dress Up. They always have the cutest clothes in there, and I love the shoes!” Threads and Dress Up are both excellent options for those looking for something new to wear.

In addition to offering fantastic clothing options, Downtown Woodstock can meet pretty much any accessory need as well. Holly Springs Jewelry is an onsite jewelry store that designs unique pieces, repurposes old jewelry, and makes repairs. Another jewelry store is Swirl by Design, which features custom pieces and also carries other “Island Style” items such as soy candles and customized bath salts. Consider visiting these stores to shop for Mother’s Day, which is coming soon.

Not only does Downtown have storedowntown JYs offering new looks, but they also have incredible gift shops.  The Pennybag Emporium is an eccentric gift shop that sells antiques, gift baskets, candles, novelties, and clothing as well.  Also located in Downtown Woodstock is Seven Arrows, a Native American store that showcases art and jewelry from America and Canada; the craftsmanship is beautiful, and pricing is affordable. For the sports-minded individuals, LKT Sports is a college sports fan favorite!  From jerseys to bumper stickers to flags to mugs, just about anything imaginable can be found for many college teams and even some pro teams. Another favorite shop in Downtown Woodstock is Foxtale Bookshop, the newest independent bookstore, offering all kinds of books from hardcover, paperback and even used on a variety of subjects. From jewelry to jerseys, from baskets to books, Downtown Woodstock has something for nearly everyone.

Downtown Woodstock is an exceptional place to get decorating ideas and accessories as well.  Christine’s Creations is a design store with all the home decorating needs.  Art, tapestry, florals, vintage furniture and even custom furniture can be found to meet almost any decorating need. Another option people have for decorating is The House and Garden Boutique, an excellent place for indoor and outdoor décor. Moore said, “My mom goes there sometimes when we are decorating our house and gets great stuff.” They offer many popular lines and also have cute gift ideas.

Downtown has stores for the health conscious too. Natural Strides is the first specialty running store in Cherokee County.  They carry shoes for promoting natural movement, and the staff is ready to help find the perfect shoe to match any stride. For those who like to bike for exercise, then OutSpokin`Bicycles is a great place to go; it is a premiere bicycle shop that carries popular lines as well as customized bikes for serious bikers.

Downtown Woodstock has become a hot spot for shopping.  Forget the mall!  Stay close to home, and take advantage of what the unique shops of Downtown Woodstock have to offer.

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