Set, Serve, Match Point, Game

Morgan M.

Staff Writer

Woodstock High School has a very diverse sports department, and one of the many sports Woodstock offers is tennis. Woodstock’s tennis team this year has had quite a successful season between making it further than they did in the past years in state, and improving drastically in their game of tennis.

This year alone the Woodstock tennis team has had multiple changes; not only did they get new players, but they started a whole new team. Head Coach Jeff Wagner decided to add a JV tennis team for the first time in Woodstock High School’s history. He explains, “Last year alone there were just so many great players that tried out, and there wasn’t any room for them. I just had no other choice than to make a JV team.” The players for the JV girls tennis team include freshmen WyWHS Tennis MM 2nn Johnson, Michaela Thomas, Sophia Worley and Leslie Walker; and sophomores Morgan Kitchen, Tyler Thomas, and Sarah Logan. The JV teams are very proud of how far they have come this season and the improvements they have all made. Kitchen said, “This year there have been so many players that have improved so much in their game, and I’m so proud of them. I’m glad I could be a part of the team this year.”

The varsity teams have once again raised the bar for Woodstock tennis players with their return to regions and state. Everyone on the team is proud of how far they have come and of being able to once again go into state playoffs for the second consecutive year. The players that made this happen were seniors Mitchell Summers, Alexandra Annatello, David Dragichino, Savannah Barlitt, Nicole Porier, Eric Hollar, and Dylan Peterson; juniors Lauren Neilly, Justin Sloan, Savannah Wood, Alexis Onuschak; and sophomores Brooklynn Milone, Luke Mixon, Jacob Bertram, Gabrielle Wood, Katie Olejnik, Michael Masdea, Spencer Hern; and freshmen Conner Booz, Mitchell Hines, Justo Rogues, and Evan Zaner. Wood said, “The group of players this year made playing tennis a very enjoyable season.” The teams as a whole have been able to grow closer and become a stronger team. Olejnik said “I’m sad to see the seniors go this year because I have learned so much from them, and playing next year just won the same.”

It would not be possible for Woodstock to have such a remarkable tennis tea,m without the coaches to make it happen and make sure the players are on top of their game week after week. The coach for Woodstock’s varsity girls tennis team is Coach Wagner, who is also the producer/teacher for Woodstock’s WTV7, the school’s newscasting show and video broadcasting classes. Coach Ashley Potz, who teaches biology and environmental science, is the coach for the varsity boys tennis team. However, Coach Potz recently went on maternity leave, so one of Woodstock’s special education teachers Mrs. Charity KinnWHS Tennis MM 3eer had the privilege of taking over the JV girls and varsity boys tennis teams. Coach Wagner, Coach Kinneer and Coach Potz do a spectacular job coaching the tennis teams for Woodstock. Sophomore Brooklynn Milone said, “Even though I’ve only been playing tennis for two years at Woodstock, I have never experienced such a great amount of coaching talent from any of my other coaches, and I have been playing tennis since I could pick up a racquet.”

Woodstock’s tennis team has many achievements, including making it to the 2012 state finals for the first time in school history, and this year they made it to the sweet sixteen, which is the second round of state finals, and a goal of the players and coaches alike. Earlier in the season Coach Potz had said, “Now that our region is extremely strong, my goal was for the team to repeat their visit to the state playoffs.  It’s going to be tough this year now that we’ve added Milton and Roswell to our region, but I definitely think we have the talent capable of getting there.” The players and coaches as a whole wanted to make the 2013 tennis season the best season in Woodstock High School history, and they did, with their hard-work and determination.

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