Charles Ramsey, an unexpected American hero

By Azizah B.

Staff Writer

In American society, it is unfortunate that some choose to overlook the goodness in others and instead focus on attacking their flaws. Some people are passing judgment on he who is now known as an American hero: Charles Ramsey, the man who saved the lives of women who had been missing for the past 10 years. Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Jocelyn Castro (daughter of Amanda Berry) were all held captive for close to 10 years by accused kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro, but thanks to Charles Ramsey, they now have their freedom.

While many call Ramsey an American hero for getting involved and saving these women, not everyone looks at him in such a positive light. To the popular radio station 107.9 morning host “Shirley,” the fact that Ramsey saved three lives has little to do with her opinion about this man, for she seems more concerned with his appearance and has judged him based on that. During a segment discussing Charles Ramsey, Shirley says that she needs him “to fix his teeth, comb his hair, and not wear that old white t-shirt before he gets back charles-ramsey2- ABon live TV.”  Listeners have spoken up to say that what this host said was very unprofessional and unnecessary to the fact of what this man did. Senior Samantha Nuellums says, “I believe he was a blessing to those girls, and it shouldn’t matter what he was wearing when he saved them.”

This is not to play the innocent card and say that absolutely no one else was thinking what this radio host said on the morning radio show, but to say it and to think it are two totally different things. For one, she was on her job, and it was a live segment. The initial purpose of the segment was to thank and recognize what Charles Ramsey did for those girls and to show him everyone’s appreciation by having people call in to thank him.  For her to take that and make the show about what he was wearing was a very ignorant thing to do. I am pretty sure Ramsey did not wake up that morning knowing he would be on TV for saving the lives of three girls who had been held in captivity for the past ten years. It is probably also safe to say that Berry, Knight, and DeJesus did not care at all about what he was wearing; they were just thankful that Ramsey was there to help them escape the horrible conditions Castro had subjected them to. Without Ramsey’s willingness to get involved, these three young women could have been stuck in that house for another 10 years or more. For the host to say what she did about this American hero was inconsiderate and in very poor taste; it speaks volumes to her character.

This radio host has made no further comments regarding the statements she made about Charles Ramsey on the 107.9 morning show on Wednesday, May 8th.  Obviously, she has failed to see the bigger picture since she does not realize that this man did something that many people would have likely walk away from and not got involved in. Many may hear cries for help and not want to get involved in what they see as a private matter, but Charles Ramsey did. It should not matter what he was wearing or what his hair looked like or how his teeth looked; he saved these young women when he did not have to.  Charles Ramsey could have easily walked away from this situation, but he stayed and helped not because it would benefit him but because it was the right thing to do.

Thanks to Charles Ramsey, Cleveland will never be the same, which is a good thing. He has brought these girls back to their families and to society, and the people are thankful for that. Not caring about what their rescuer looked like, these girls’ lives will probably never be the same, but they are thankful to be free and starting over to live new and better lives, thanks to the American hero Charles Ramsey.

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