KSU Football Looks to 2015 Inaugural Season

By Christian H.

Staff Writer

Kennesaw State finally received word from the NCAA that it can begin playing football in 2015, which is probably the biggest news to break Kennesaw since the school opened in 1963. With all the buzz around Kennesaw, it is easy to see why everyone can’t wait for the inaugural season to get under way. It seems almost impossible to walk through the middle of the campus and not hear murmurs about football. Adding a football team was not an easy or fast process, as talks about KSU’s football program began back in 2011.  It seems that almost every KSU student is ready to start a new Saturday tradition!

Kennesaw State introduces football coach Brian Bohannon, who was a former Georgia Tech coach. He has begun filling out his staff with his first three hires. Grant Chesnut, head coach at Central (Carroll) High School, will be offensive coordinator and coach the offensive line. In addition, two people who worked with Bohannon at Georgia Tech, Liam Klein and Shane Bowen, are joining in jobs that have yet to be announced. Klein posted on Facebook that he had resigned at Tech to join Bohannon at KSU. All of these coaches are fantastic role models for any player striving to become a better athlete and to gain a better knowledge of the game. Many feel that Cksu football CHoach Bohannon will have a team filled with outstanding athletes and that the main concern will be to focus on teaching the plays and just getting the reps needed to become an elite football program. Coach Bohannon is going to run very organized practices that focus on conditioning and strength movements. “We’re going to really focus on offseason workouts and making big strides in the weight room, which will translate on the field. I’m looking for a young man who is responsible on and off the field, meaning he goes to class and exceeds in all classes. We also want men who are active in the community and can be a model of success for the university,” says Bohannon of his expectations on his players.

The addition of KSU football was voted on by the students and faculty, but ultimately the decision was made by the board of directors. On that board was former UGA coach and athletic director Vince Dooley, who has been a significant proponent to the team’s football program ever since 2011. Before the university even officially announced that there would be football in 2015, there was an abundance of funds from different boosters. Several businesses in Kennesaw were willing to make substantial donations which can only help make the program gain more steam and make filling a team that much easier. In an effort to be as ready as possible for their opening season, KSU is taking its time and doing everything by the books – fundraising, promotions, and even recruiting. The potential recruits for KSU football should be ample, considering the university is located in the middle of Cobb County and extremely close to Cherokee County. KSU is a hot spot for most of the athletes who are looking to stay close to home and also athletes who want to be closer to a big city.

Woodstock is even starting to get into the KSU football hype. “After visiting KSU’s campus and brand new stadium, it is easy to see why there is so much attention being brought up about their football program. I’ve played at some really interesting stadiums and been to many colleges, but KSU is one of the neatest small colleges I’ve seen. The atmosphere is excellent, and the stadium is gorgeous,” stated WHS assistant football coach Corey Nix. Many Woodstock students feel that they are a big part of these historic decisions to have a football program because almost everyone at Woodstock has friends that go to KSU. There are even a couple of former players that plan on trying out for the team; it would be awesome for our school to have a few players on the inaugural team. Some KSU freshmen who attended WHS have a very strong opinion on the new football program. “I really feel like KSU will have a great opportunity to succeed right out of the gate and could even make the playoffs in the first year. I feel like we’ll know that we have come a long way when we start getting on ESPN and have our own football channel. I’ve only been at KSU for a year, but I feel that we have a great campus and even better atmosphere, which is good, but even more important is the quality of coaching is one of the best I’ve ever seen,” shared Noah Rice, a Woodstock High School graduate and current KSU student.

The future is certainly bright for KSU and looks to a promising opening season in 2015. The only thing left to do is start getting ready to make trips to Fifth Third Bank Stadium on Saturdays to cheer the Owls to victory. For more information on KSU football, visit KennesawStateFootball.com.

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