Golden, Timeless as a Kiss

Caitlin M.-Staff Writer

Blasting the charts with number one hits like “Need You Now” and “Own the Night,” Lady Antebellum is one of the most popular groups in country music. Their millions of copies purchased and their sold-out shows prove they are one of the best bands in the business. Numerous fans throughout the United States were eager for the band’s new album, Golden, that came out May 7, 2013.

Golden CM 1

Lady Antebellum first started in 2006 when Charles Kelly moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and convinced his friend Dave Haywood to form a band with him. Hillary Scott later recognized Kelly on the social media site MySpace, and the two started talking at a nightclub about their music. He then asked her to join his band, and thus Lady Antebellum was formed. The trio started performing at local venues in Nashville before they were signed to Capital Records Nashville. Not long after they were signed to the label, adult contemporary artist Jim Brickman chose Lady Antebellum to sing on his single in 2007. The song “Never Alone” reached number 14 on the Billboard charts. From there, the band became more and more recognized around the United States.

Currently Lady Antebellum has released four albums, including their newest one, Golden. The trio started working on the album with their road band. Haywood stated, “We were just kind of in that live show mindset for this album.” This would explain the new upbeat sound the band created for their new album. Scott added to this by explaining that they took a big risk going with a different sound because they had to push themselves to not go back to the same sound they usually give on their albums.

There are several new songs on the album that are already hitting the charts. The song “Downtown” is the first single from the album, and it has reached number five on USA TODAY’s Country airplay chart, gaining over 318,000 downloads so far. For Scott, the song is about a different sound because it is more edgy than the other songs the trio writes. In the music video she is viewed as a “goody goody,” so she proves the other band members wrong by going downtown to get into trouble. Some of the other songs on the album are similar because of the unique sounds the band produces. The album has eleven more new songs, including “Get to Me,” “Goodbye Town,” and “It Ain’t Pretty.” Fans have been waiting for these new sounds since Lady Antebellum’s last album, On This Winter’s Night, came out in 2012.

Several students and teachers at Woodstock High School were eager for the new album, Golden. With two songs previously available on iTunes, fans were ready to see what the rest of the album has in store. Sophomore Calyx Bryant stated, “I have been waiting for Lady Antebellum to come out with a new album, and I really like their new sound.” While many adolescents are crazy for Lady Antebellum’s music, there are even some teachers who feel the same way as Bryant. Chemistry teacher Ms. Pamela Green explained, “I actually like the new sound Lady Antebellum put into this album. I loved the new song ‘Downtown’ because it has a different tone than the rest of their songs.” Mrs. Green is not the only teacher who is excited for Golden to come out. World History teacher Ms. Lauren Dodd explained that she just started listening to country music and that she really likes Lady Antebellum. She also said that she is thrilled for the trio’s new album that just came out.

The country trio has alwaGolden CM 2ys wanted to have a fun and different album. “This album feels to me like one of those that from start to finish could be a good road-trip record, and that’s what we wanted,” Kelly explained. “It’s one of the reasons why the term golden was kind of cool. I think about road trips and driving down the road with those little streaks of sunshine popping through the trees, especially at sunset. Golden… it just gives you this warm, easy feeling.” Scott revealed that Golden has a bit of a nostalgic vibe for her, and the writing of the album reminded her of the times she first met her band mates. Haywood also explained what the title Golden really means to him. He said, “It conjures up a lot of pictures. In the title track, it depicts driving down the road at sunset, but, to me, it also depicts a special time in our career… a ‘golden,’ special time for us.” Because the trio is really close, the writing process was more laidback and easy for them.

Lady Antebellum has become such a massive name in country music. The band has connected so well to their fans through their many albums and songs. All of their albums have soared through country charts, and Golden is expected to become one of their most popular. The new, fun upbeat sound may also gain more fans for the trio. When the album came out in early May, fans around the world rushed to hear the latest songs from Lady Antebellum’s Golden.

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