Ask Evie: The junior who tells it like it is

Evie H.

Assistant Editor

Scared to know the truth!

Evie, I have a theory that my boyfriend might be cheating on me. I do not want to seem paranoid and ask him, but I do not want to keep pondering this. What do I do?

Dear Paranoid Pamela: Even though you do not want to seem paranoid, you are. Has your boyfriend been acting suspiciously as if he were cheating on you? If you believe so, then maybe it is time you had a talk with him. You are going to remain unhappy if you leave this mystery unsolved. Make sure you talk to him before you assume. Do not accuse him of anything before he becomes aware of what is bothering you. Whatever you do, do not go through his personal items because you could then jeopardize his trust in you.

School is killing me!

Hey Evie, I really need your help. School is quickly coming to an end and I have so many end of the year projects. I am known for procrastinating, and I really need your help to combat it. It is killing my grades, and I need some ideas to make these projects a little more interesting!

Dear Stressed Sammy: The most that I can tell you to do is just to get them over with. If you wait until the last minute, your best work will not be put into the project, and you could risk lowering your grades. When the assignments are given, make sure you do a little of each one every night. That will combat the procrastination as well as not give you an insane amount of work to do each night. Trust me, once you have everything done, the feeling you get will be worth all of the trouble!
Do I deserve better?

Evie, I really need you! So, I have been dating this guy for two months now, and things were great at the start. He treated me really well, and we got along great, but lately, all we do is fight. I want to go back to the way we were because I really do have strong feelings for him. How can I make this easier for the both of us?

Dear Deserving Danielle: If anyone knows what you are going through, it is me. All I can tell you is that if you are not happy in this relationship, there is no reason to remain in it. Two people enter a relationship for the harmony and happiness of each individual. If one side of the pair is not making enough effort, it can only cause trouble. If the two of you are fighting all of the time, it does not seem like you are happy. Before you cut ties completely, try to work on the relationship and see if the problem has any ounce of being able to be fixed. Do not give up immediately. Just remember, in the end, the only person you need to worry about is yourself and your happiness.

Where should I go?

I really need your help. I am about to be a senior in high school, and I still have no idea what I want to be or where I want to go to school. I feel like my friends are all making decisions before me, and I do not want to be the only one left behind. My family is also pressuring me to make a decision, which does not make it any easier. Can you help?

Dear Rushing-it Rebecca: Calm down! I am a junior in high school as well, and I still have no idea what I want to be or where I want to go. Although early admissions start in the fall, you have time. Take a deep breath and think about the considerations. Do you want to stay at home? Do you have the money to go somewhere out of state? Try talking to your parents. Tell them that they need to help you make a decision, or one is not going to be made. If you have any particular interests, take a look at them and see if you can make a career. You would be surprised that you actually find something you love to do. Don’t stress. College is a year away. Enjoy your senior year!

I’m sick of trying so hard!

Evie, I need your advice. Lately, I feel as if I do everything that I can for other people, and none of them appreciate the efforts I make. I always feel like I am second best, and everyone else’s needs always come before mine. I want to feel appreciated. Should I stop caring so much? What should I do?

Dear Caring Carly, you should never stop caring so much, unless these people show no disregard to you whatsoever. I am sure that you have friends and family who love you and would hate to see you creep into a shell because you feel under-appreciated. Talk to your friends and the ones who make you feel this way and ask them about it. I am sure you would be surprised that they truly care just as much as you do. Keep your head up!


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