The NFL Preseason: What happens before the real fun begins

Evie H.

Manging Editor

Towards the end of summer and just before the season changes, everyone looks forward to cooler weather and football. Although the actual season does not start until September, the preseason usually begins in early August. This gives the die-hard NFL fans a chance to check out the rookies and see how the team is going to play once the real season begins. Although the score does not necessarily count, it is still fun to tune in and see what the team has learned from training.

In the NFC South, the major team last season was definitely the Atlanta Falcons. Almost making it to the Super Bowl, but suffering a major loss to the 49ers, the Falcons were determined to make it again. Although the fans believed in them, the loss to the Bengals on August 8th showed that maybe the success was getting to the players’ heads. For example, football coach Cory Nix said, “I do not believe the Falcons are getting cocky because of how far they made it last season. However, I do predict that they will make it to the Super Bowl and lose.” Losing 34-10 to the Bengals, the Falcons disappointed their fans tremendously. With cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, the Falcons showed that their rookies may need just a little more practice. All is not lost for this Southern team, though. With Tony Gonzalez promising a Super Bowl title before he retires, he knows the team will give it all they have.

On the other hand, the NFC East team the Dallas Cowboys recently played the AFC West team, the Oakland Raiders. Having defeated the Dolphins in the Hall of Fame game on August 4th, the Cowboys were believed to be looking up for the upcoming season. Upon seeing the improvements to the Raiders and the Cowboys teams, the game was neck and neck throughout. Finally, the Rainflpreseasoneh3ders came through, beating the Cowboys 19-17. With rookie TE Gavin Escobar, the Cowboys could pull out some wins in the upcoming games with someone to add to the offense in the right way.

Along with this, the AFC East team the New England Patriots recently played the NFC East team, the Philadelphia Eagles. With Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots naturally doing well last season, the Eagles sure had to put up a fight to ward off even the rookies of this defending champion team. Although the Eagles put up a fight, the Patriots took the win, 31-22. With rookie wide receivers Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, and Mark Harrison, the Patriots want to take their name all the way to the Super Bowl. The fans could not be happier with the way the preseason is going so far. For instance, senior Lauren Hutcheson stated, “I’ve always loved the Patriots, and I grew up being a fan of them. Even though they did not make it to the Super Bowl last season, I would love to see them make it this season. I’m looking forward to a great year for my Patriots!” Just like Hutcheson, many other fans are wondering how the rest of the season is going to play out for this New England team.

Last season’s Super Bowl winners, the Baltimore Ravens in the NFC North, have started out the preseason with a bang. Defeating the NFC South team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 44-16, the Ravens have shown that they are back for more. After defeating the 49ers at the Super Bowl last season, this Baltimore team wasted no time training the rookies to carry on the title. With Caleb Hanie and Tyrod Taylor as backup QBs to Joe Flacco, the Ravens may have a shot at making it just as far as they did last season. Although the fans believe that they can achieve that goal once more, opponents believe that last season’s Super Bowl win could get to the players’ heads and cause them to make more mistakes. Either way, the Ravens have come to win and will not back down until they do.

Finally, the NFC South and reigning Super Bowl champions the New Orlean Saints have begun the preseason with skyrocketing scores, defeating the AFC West team the Kansas City Chiefs 17-13. Although the Chiefs struggled last season, they did not remain far behind the Saints in the first week’s preseason games. Even though many believe that this Kansas City team will not make it far, they could prove everyone wrong. The Saints, on the other hand, have added many rookies to the roster in hopes that they, along with the starters, can carry this New Orleans team all the way back to the Super Bowl once more.

Overall, the upcoming NFL season is looking pretty interesting, seeing the scores from the first week. Although the season has not officially begun, it is still entertaining to see how hard these rookies have been training all summer just for this very moment. The NFL season games do not start until the beginning of September, but until then, continue watching the preseason and perceive how things may unfold in a few weeks.

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