Bump, Set, Spike; the volleyball season has arrived!

Paige M.

Staff Writer

The Woodstock High School  volleyball team is back and ready to smoke this year’s competition. With a few fresh faces and a variety of returning players, the team is stronger than ever and ready to continue a season of wins. The players, the coaches, and especially the fans are looking forward to an exciting season ahead.

In the previous season volleyball, Woodstock’s volleyball team made it all the way to the elite eight, won county, and placed second in region. This was a school record for volleyball, leaving everybody ecstatic about how far the team went. This year they plan to go even farther. Varsity Coach Anita Dodd, who has been coaching volleyball for the past 5 years at Woodstock (22 years total), said, “We hope to go at least one level higher than last year. We are hoping to make it to the Final Four.” The players and coaches are working harder than ever to achieve this goal. Sydney Torres, a sophomore on varsity playing setter and right side hitter, said, “It would be so great to make it to the Final Four because we’ve all worked so hard during both the pre-season and the season to get to that point.” Hopes of success are high, and the Wolverines have pride in our players.

The success of last year’s teams and the extensive hard work that the players are putting in this year is causing everyone to harshly evaluate the competition. Torres said, “Our biggest competitor this year is most definitely Walton. They were an extremely talented team last year and have always been one of our harshest teams to beat because of their amazing players and very well trained coaches.” Along with the tough competition of Walton, Woodstock’s biggest rival has always been Etowah. Last year both the varsity and JV teams won numerous games. This year the JV team has already played Etowah (8/20) and unfortunately suffered a loss against them; however, it was a competitive game, and Woodstock held up well. The varsity team has not played Etowah yet, but the quickly approaching games (at Walton on September 24th and at Etowah on October 3rd) are being anxiously anticipated. The rivalry between the two schools is heated and by far the fiercest in all of Cherokee County. For every athlete who is involved in a sport, this is the one game that changes everything, and teams prepare for this one game from the very beginning.  Savannah Krapf, a sophomore on junior varsity playing middle hitter, said, “Beating Etowah is one of the best possible feelings in the whole season. This game is important to us just as it is to every other student at Woodstock. We have been training harder than ever, and we are looking forward to smoking some Eagles.” Woodstock is looking forward to this blood-boiling game.

The Woodstock volleyball team has an extraordinary amount of talent. Coach Dodd said, “There are many returning players that I will be looking forward to watching play this season including Riley McBay, Kayla Ousley, Emily Wilson, and Sierra Griffin.” These are players who have many years of experience and influence the outcome of the game in a majority of ways. The JV coach, Coach Kelly Burke, says, “I am excited to watch Kendall Alsup, splitting between right side and defensive specialist; Marissa Hohl and Angel Escada at middle; Alyssa Moffit at center; and Lauren Jenson at libero. These sophomores return after county championship as freshman ready to repeat this year.” The teams are full of players who are being recognized by other teammates, people on opposing teams, and parents and coaches. Players like this work hard on and off the court and go to many camps and clinics throughout the summer to tighten up their skills even more. With talent like this on the team, Woodstock volleyball is bound to make it high in the competition this year.

The Woodstock volleyball team is without a question one of the most successful sports at the school. Varsity is already 10-2 this season, an amazing starting record. Year after year they continue to work their way up to the top and impress schools everywhere. The players are definitely working hard and deserving of where this season will lead. This team has brought Woodstock High School pride and positive recognition; support them by cheering from the stands. Keep up the good work coaches and players!


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