Meet Dexter Morgan

Alexis O.

Managing Editor

Dexter is a show that is not for weak stomachs. This serial killer, also working as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide, murders people who deserve it, but in a way that exhibits major psychopathic behavior. Every Sunday night at nine, televisions around the nation are flipped to Showtime. As the show is coming to a close in the next month or so, take a look back to season 1 was where it all began.

Orphaned at the age of three by his mother’s murder, Dexter Morgan is adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan and his wife, Doris. When Dexter begins killing neighborhood animals at a young age, Harry soon realizes that his son possesses a “need” to kill, therefore sharing this idea with young Dexter. To keep Dexter from killing innocent people, Harry teaches him The Code: most importantly, Dexter must never get caught; his victims must be cold-blooded killers themselves without any justifiable reason; and finally, Dexter must always be sure of his target’s guilt. (Dexter frequently goes to great lengths to obtain undeniable proof of his victim’s guilt.)  In season 1, Harry (who is deceased), played by James Remar, is there spiritually with Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, aiding him in behaving normally in his social interactions as a young elementary age boy. Dexter follows The Code religiously to satisfy the “Dark Passenger” (the name assigned to his urge to kill). “I feel like Dexter does the community good; he kills people who would otherwise kill innocents. We need a Dexter Morgan in every town,” says senior Jacob Smith.

Like many serial killers, Dexter keeps a trophy of each kill: he slices his victims’ cheeks with a scalpel to collect a droplet of their blood, which he preserves on a blood slide. At the beginning of the series, Dexter believes that he has no emotion and only interacts with other people strictly because of The Code. He works for Miami Metro in forensics, more specifically a blood spatter analyst, and his only family still alive is his sister, Debra Morgan. Dexter is typically capable of faking “normal” human emotion to a degree that he is generally invisible and unremarkable to all save those with keen insight into the telltale signs of disguised antisocial personality. However, people tend to gravitate toward Dexter and befriend him. “It’s very interesting how a psychopath can have friends and lead a somewhat normal life. I know it’s just a show, but a very fascinating one to say the least,” comments junior Sophia Johnson. The closest he approaches the emotion of love is his “fondness” for his adoptive sister Debra. She has no idea he is a killer and is blind to her father’s training of Dexter to kill.  In the first season, Dexter dates a woman named Rita as part of the “disguise of normalcy.” Rita, just as damaged as Dexter, was abused by her ex-husband, Paul Bennett. This abuse leads her to be incapable of becoming intimate with Dexter. This suits Dexter, who believes physical intimacy and closeness might unveil his true personality. Rita has two children, Astor and Cody, whdexter AOom Dexter is particularly fond of and nice to, but his attachment to Debra, Rita, Astor, and Cody (and later his biological son, Harrison) complicates his double life, causing him to question his “need” to kill.

Dexter meets many very dangerous killers in his quest of following The Code, including Isaak Sirko, Brian Moser/the Ice Truck Killer/Rudy Cooper, Travis Marshall, Little Chino, Jordan Chase, Miguel Prado, Trinity Killer/Arthur Mitchell, and the Skinner. At the beginning of the series, Dexter is engaged in Miami Metro’s case of the serial killer dubbed “the Ice Truck Killer,” who sends Dexter messages, knowing of Dexter’s lifestyle as a serial killer. Dexter later comes to find out that the Ice Truck Killer is really a prosthetics doctor named Rudy Cooper, who happens to be his sister Debra’s serious boyfriend.  Rudy also reveals that he is actually Dexter’s biological brother, Brian Moser, who witnessed their mother’s murder in a shipping crate. Brian Moser wants Dexter to join him in killing Debra in order to do something they both love to do together, but being the faithful brother that he is, Dexter does not let that happen. Later, Dexter traps and kills Brian, making it look like a suicide. Dexter feels guilt for the first time, knowing that his brother was accepting of who he truly was. He feels as though Debra would not be so accepting if she knew.

As season 1 comes to an end, the audience is left awestruck, as Dexter has just killed his own flesh and blood. The twists and turns of this riveting series have only begun, and Dexter’s story is only in the very first few chapters of quite an exciting, dark, thrilling Showtime series. “This sounds like a very entertaining show; I’m going to have to check it out sometime,” math teacher Mr. Greg West states. Others should tune in too.


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