The Fault in Our Stars

by Paige M.

Staff Writer

The Fault in our Stars is sweeping the nation with its increasing popularity. Even though the novel is aimed at young adults, people of all ages are reading this love story written by John Green and loving every word of it. The reviews, feedback, and comments being received about this book are nothing but positive. Critics are referring to the book as “luminous” and “an achingly beautiful story.” No matter who one is or where one is from, all are guaranteed to enjoy this book.

      This beautifully romantic story starts off at a cancer support group, where Hazel GraceThe Fault in our Stars 3 Lancaster and Augustus Waters first set eyes on each other. Love at first sight, as one would say, occurs in this moment. They tell each other everything and have a flirtatious relationship that Hazel says cannot go any further because of her nearing death. Together they obsess over analyzing the ending to the book, An Imperial Affliction, which unfortunately and mysteriously ends mid-sentence. Hazel and Augustus spend more and more time together and begin to develop a bond that some people can only dream about having. Eventually they get into contact with the author, Peter Van Houten, and he invites them to Amsterdam to explain the end of the novel. This is a dream come true for Hazel because of the sole fact that she has read the book what seems like a million times before. The only problem is that she must convince her overprotective parents and doctors to let her go on this trip. Augustus reveals that he still has not used his wish (Cancer patients are granted a free wish.) and that he would be more than happy to use it to fund their trip to Amsterdam together. Hazel’s mother agrees to chaperone, and they are off. They have an amazing time, but when they meet Peter Van Houten, they are disappointed that he is just a very troubled and harsh alcoholic. Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer is beginning to come back and that it’s severe this time. He gets progressively worse, and they begin to realize the fate that is rapidly approaching them.

Green is quickly becoming an extremely successful author who writes young-adult fiction, writing well-known books such as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. His books easily draw readers in and lead them to fall in love with the characters he has developed by creating ways that the reader and the character can connect by similarities, such as being related or knowing someone who might have cancer. It is safe to say that his books are most definitely page turners.

People everywhere are starting to acknowledge this amazing book for how well written it is. Sophomore Meghan Pierce said, “The Fault in Our Stars is one of those books that can make someone want to cry, scream, smile, laugh, and sigh all at the same time. I would not have a problem reading it a hundred times over. This book is truly a book worth reading again and again.” This book seems to get nothing but positive feedback by readers. Another sophomore, Lauren Case states, “This is easily one of the best books I have ever read and probably always will be. The way the author connects the readers to the characters is so intense and makes you feel like you are actually experiencing the situation yourself.” Not only are people starting to recognize the book, but after reading it and adoring it, they are starting to read more and more of John Green’s novels. He has won many awards and is quickly moving forward in his successful career as an author. The unexpected splurge of The Fault in Our Stars readers was to be expected considering how well written and touching the book is.

People easily connect to this book in many ways. A main reason why so many people feel so touched by this book is the fact that almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer or is affected by cancer themselves. Cancer has become so common in our world today that it is not uncommon to have a connection to it. This book gives those people hope that things do work out for the better, no matter what the problem is. Another reason why people enjoy this book so much is because of the romance involved in it. Everyone wishes they could have a relationship like Hazel Grace and AugusThe Fault in our Stars 2tus. John Green displays Augustus in such an urbane manner, and this immediately attaches the reader to the suave character. The novel pulls the heart strings in ways that one did not know a book could, and this is a main reason why so many people have enjoyed the book. John Green knows how to connect with readers and form relationships with the readers and the characters. His use of dialogue and description move the story along smoothly and lead his audience to become emotionally attached to the cancer patients, and even some of the less dynamic characters of the book.

It has recently been announced that The Fault in Our Stars is becoming a motion picture, and fans of the book are ecstatic over the announcement. Those who have read and enjoyed the book are highly anticipating the release of the film in 2014. It is almost torture just waiting to see how the novel plays itself out on a big screen. With Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace and Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters, the movie looks as if it is quickly coming together. It is even said that Woodley, who is best known for her star role in The Secret Life of an American Teenager, will be shaving her head for the part. Only a few other cast members’ names have been released so far. The location of the movie is set to be filmed in Amsterdam, since this is where a majority of the book takes place. With the tremendous reviews of the book, there is no doubt that the crowd that shows up for the premiere will not be a small one!

Word of the movie being produced and people talking about the novel will definitely bring more people to read the book and fall in love with it just like so many other readers have. This book is worthy of the abundant and endless praise it receives and should be noted as one of the greatest pieces of literature in the 21st century. It is not every day that somebody stumbles across a novel that is truly moving, and this is one of those books that will change readers.







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