Pet Peeves: Daily Annoyances That Disrupt Our Lives

People often are annoyed by something that occurs in life, whether it is an iPhone app or a quality that someone possesses. Candy Crush is becoming a major pet peeve of many people because it has many different aspects that can create frustration, which is further increased by having to deal with arrogant and judgmental people on a daily basis.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is an iPhone app that seems to have plagued not only Woodstock High School but the majority of the country. So many people have become involved with this game that a commercial was actually created to entice the rest of the population who have yet to play it and can still eat candy without it being a traumatic experience. There are many different levels and episodes in the game, but the basics are this: move candies and put them in rows or columns of three or more to break and disappear. This app is a pet peeve for students because the player is given five lives, and once those are used, there is a time limit that must be waited out before more lives are given. Because of this, should the player get one move away from completing the level and moving on, and then running out of moves, he or she must wait a certain amount of time before giving it another go; thus the thought process for completion of the level is lost, and another few lives must be spent on the level. Junior Haleigh Coussou rants, “Candy Crush drives me insane because anytime I think I’m going to pass a level, I run out of moves; then I run out of lives, so I can’t even try again for another hour.”

Another issue with the game is that upon the completion of level thirty-five, another episode must be unlocked in order to continue in the game; the problem is that it gives the player three options: buy the next episode for ninety-nine cents, ask friends for help through Facebook, or play three quests. If the player pays for the next episode, he or she may begin to feel cheated for paying a dollar on a game that is just a fad and probably will not be popular in a month or two. If the player asks friends for help through Facebook, then he becomes “that guy,” you know, the guy that annoys everyone with his game invites on Facebook, because really, nobody wants to receive these invites. If the player decides to play the quests instead, he or she must wait 24 hours for a new quest to be unlocked. Essentially, the player must wait 72 hours before unlocking the next episode. Moral: do not “follow the crowd” and get Candy Crush because it may or may not ruin your life.


The line between self-confidence and arrogance is a line that should rarely if ever be crossed. People who are arrogant are full of themselves, obnoxious, and sometimes even rude because of their narcissism, and nobody likes a person who thinks that he or she is better than everyone else. Junior Jasmine Maple states, “I really don’t like people with bad personality traits, like cockiness.” When someone is arrogant, he or she may say things to other people in order to talk themselves up, things like, “I’m an amazing football player. John wishes he was as good as me.” When people are conceited, they think more highly of themselves than they do anyone else, whether they should or not. People who are so self-absorbed often put others down in order to feed their ego, and this is why egoism is such a hated quality for someone to have. Moral: do not think you are better than everyone else at everything; do not flatter yourself, no one is perfect, not even you.

Judgmental/Mean People

More than anything else, being a jerk is by far the most annoying pet peeve of them all. In the lunch room, occasionally it can be seen that a student walks up to the lunch line or vending machine, and people are ever so clearly making fun of him or her just because they want to try to make their friends laugh or because it makes them feel superior. The problem is this: the people who participate in this activity are horrible people. If someone has that little respect for another student whom they know nothing about, he or she deserves nothing less than what is being dished out. Sophomore Matthew McDuff agrees, “I hate seeing people make fun of other people who they don’t know, and it’s even worse when it’s a special ed student.” This is true for most people; students hate to see special education students being made fun of just because of their disability. Since when is it the place of a stranger to judge others? Moral: do not be a jerk to or about someone because you have zero knowledge of what that person is going through, and it is not your place to judge someone else. Either get to know the person, or back off.

It is becoming too often that some factor of life annoys us. Some iPhone games are too much to handle at times, and even more often does the personality trait of a person get on our nerves.

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