The Wood: More Spirited Than Ever

Students of Woodstock High School are a variety of talented and bright teenagers both in and out of class. Whether it be athletics, clubs, academic teams, or other extracurriculars, Woodstock students excel across the board. Not only does Woodstock High School have outstanding talents, but Woodstock has also always had a compassionate student body. From football games to drama performances to academic bowls, there has always been a supportive and caring crowd of Woodstockians to watch and encourage. However, this year the students have stepped up their all-around support and school spirit. From Twitter accounts to fan buses, the spirit for the school year of 2013-2014 is through the roof.

The senior class of 2014 has spread school spirit like wildfire throughout the hallways of Woodstock. In unity they have spirit days a couple of days a month, such as America day, reppin’ the wood colors. By having senior spirit days, it provides an example of unity as a class to students in other grade levels. The seniors also started a spirit Twitter account called “The Wood,” which provides a variety of updates on games, themes for football games, fan bus information, and general motivational tweets to come out and support the school! Senior President, Luke Chamberlin, is in charge of this account, as well as his friends Garrett Leffleman and Parth Patel. Chamberlin says, “The account came to be because Dr. Weir wanted a spirit club, but we thought the Twitter account would reach more students. All three of us have access to the account and take turns with posting tweets.” In past years seniors have always supported the school, but this class has stepped up and been leaders who show spirit for not only football, but for other sports as well, and that is thanks to Senior Class President Luke Chamberlin and our new principal, Dr. Paul Weir.

Away games have always been a semi-struggle for students who cannot get rides to the games. Fortunately for this year’s students, a fan bus is now available to all away football games. Chamberlin comments, “We will definitely have the bus for all away football games, and we will do our best to push for away games for other sports. But most likely it will only be important ones, like Etowah and regional games.” Students who cannot drive, find a ride, or do not want to spend money for gas to drive exceedingly far for a game do not have to worry anymore. The fan bus arrives every Friday and only costs five dollars to ride. Parent permission is required, but other than that, there is nothing else needed to ride. Without the extensive spirit and support for our teams to do well this year, the fan bus would have never existed.

Showing up for the games is one thing, but being crazily loud and wild is another. This year the Woodstock student section has not only been huge compared to previous years, but louder than ever. Cheerleaders of Woodstock have especially noticed. Senior cheerleader Madison McCabe comments, “In past years, the student section never really cheered along with us. This year they not only join us occasionally but even start their own cheers.” Noticing the desire to be involved, cheerleaders have stepped up their game as well. After every touchdown, cheerleaders do seven pushups as the crowd counts. More crowd involvement cheers have been incorporated as well as more stunting. With students from the bottom of the bleachers all the way to the top, screaming in unison, Woodstock has never appeared so energetic.

Due to the increase in school spirit, Dr. Weir took initiative as principal to step it up even more, implementing a new incentive system for students. Dr. Weir explains, “I decided to implement this system to mainly get more students to come to events. Also, by having the system, it gives students a little bit of a reason to want to support more.” The incentive is a point system for all students. For every home game, event, or concert that a student attends, he or she receives five points. There will be a sign up sheet for students to write their name, ID, and grade so that SGA can keep track of those in attendance. Dr. Weir comments, “It is not set in stone yet, but we plan to have five levels, with different increments of points. It will range from free tickets to games to winning a free yearbook.” Dr. Weir also wishes to have a Wall of Fandom for students who are high on the point system, and at the end of the year, the student with the most points will receive a plaque. With Dr. Weir behind the students and their support, Woodstock’s overall school spirit can only go up from here.

The class of 2014 has provided leadership for the entire school, spreading spirit in every aspect of Woodstock. Because of this leadership, Woodstock students will certainly strive to have the legacy continue into further years. We are Woodstock, and we as Woodstock support every student in the school for every possible talent. The sense of family throughout a school is irreplaceable, and with the spirit being so high in only the first month of school, surely it will continue to rise!


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