Woodstock Homecoming 2013

Autumn R.

Staff Writer

It is that time of the year again for Woodstock High School: Homecoming! It is time to make plans with friends to enjoy one of the most memorable times in one’s high school career. The boys have nervously gathered up the courage to ask girls to be their date, and the girls have been gossiping about who they hope is going to ask them. SGA has been busy planning the theme, homecoming court, the homecoming parade, spirit week, and the dance! Dinner reservations are set, dress shopping has occurred, tickets are being bought, and the excitement throughout the school is apparent. So what exactly is entailed in this year’s homecoming?

To start off, the theme this year is Neon Rave! The atmosphere of the dance floor will be just like a concert. With the gym pitch black and different colored lights flashing everywhere, the rave theme will be prevalent. Originally the theme was the City of Lights, but SGA thought it would be appropriate to have a rave theme, believing it will be more suitable for high schoolers because homecoming is supposed to be a time when every student lets loose and dhcpicances their heart out. With the City of Lights theme, it would be more calm, and SGA was afraid that with the atmosphere being tranquil, it would not compel students to dance and have fun. With a rave theme, girls will kick off their high heels and boys will loosen their ties because everyone knows that it is almost impossible to contain the urge to dance when the atmosphere is identical to a rave!

To get everyone pumped for the big date, Saturday, September 28th, SGA has planned themed days for homecoming week. Monday was twin day, Tuesday is toddler day, Wednesday is nerd day, Thursday is thrifty day, and Friday is Woodstock spirit day. By participating in homecoming week, not only does it make students eager for Saturday, but it allows students to act silly and make memories of how funny everyone looks dressing up. The themes are entertaining, and even teachers sometimes participate!

Every year during homecoming season, all students on homecoming court participate in the parade, which takes place Tuesday night. Fancy cars are either rented or borrowed from family members to drive the students on court up the hill to the school. The cheerleaders follow them usually in a trailer, behind a truck and get the crowd pumped while tossing candy to children and producing Woodstock spirit! The students on court have their names on a sign on the car, what year they are in, and dress nicely for all parents and students admiring the parade to see. As they slowly go up the hill, they wave, make a loop around the school and then go back down the hill! This is to just get people familiar with who is on court, while having a good time as well. In ahcpic3ddition to getting a look at the court members and cheerleaders, spectators this year will see many floats sponsored by various WHS classes and clubs.

Woodstock’s homecoming game will be Friday, September 27th, against Lassiter. This is the time for all Woodstock’s students on court to take the field during half time in their fancy dresses and nice tuxes. Two pairs of freshmen, four pairs of sophomores, six pairs of juniors, and eight pairs of seniors will take the field. It is an honor to be liked by one’s peers, and the opportunity to be on the field representing Woodstock is a great achievement! Senior king and queen will be announced and crowned at halftime. Additionally, the representatives of each grade will have their pictures taken and have their own page dedicated to them in the yearbook. How awesome is that?

By now students should have tickets purchased (They come in all different neon colors, and are currently only $10, but at the door they are $20.) and clothing picked out; they should be looking forward to an overall fantastic homecoming experience! Students should remember to stay safe and be appropriate with their actions and dress. Stay classy girls, and boys, act like gentlemen. Dance like the night will never end.

According to Mrs. Julie Cassidy, SGA advisor, Woodstock has spent more on 2013’s homecoming than any other year before. With that said, the effort put into it by SGA is astounding, which means it is going to be one of the best homecomings Woodstock has ever had! With the rave theme, homecoming week, the parade, and the game, it is impossible not to be thrilled!

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