What to expect from Woodstock Football

by Lauren N.

Staff Writer

The start of fall in the South means more to its residents than the start of school and the end of summer. It represents the start of football season, which for many, is quite an enjoyable time of the year. From cheering on favorite college teams on Saturdays to rooting for our very own Woodstock Wolverines under the Friday night lights, football is a cherished sporting event for most students.

The Wolverines traveled to Johns Creek August 23rd, their official start to the season.  The team, especially the seniors, knew that to start off the season right, they needed to win this first game. Head football coach, Brent Budde, said, “The team knew this was alauren football 2 crucial game and would help pump up the whole team for the season.” With fellow students, parents, and members of the community there to cheer them on, the Wolverines won 34-6, a sweet victory following last year’s 28-0 loss. After starting the season 1-0, Woodstock has suffered some tough losses against Harrison, Kell, and Walton. The team is still motivated to have a winning season though, and their desire for a Homecoming victory against Lassiter this Friday, September 27, is evident.

The WHS football program is looking forward to this season and having great success this year. Coach Budde confidently stated, “I expect this year to continue as a turning point for the football program. This year students can look forward to seeing a strong defense that includes veteran varsity strongholds as well as a much stronger offense than in previous years.”  With a small group of fourteen seniors on this year’s roster, the boys hope that this year can be the greatest year of Woodstock football they can be a part of. Senior Chris Mowery, a key player on defense, is looking forward to being a leader for the football team. He said, “We have been grinding really hard over the summer, and I know it will show up in the games.” The Wolverines are looking to make scoring very difficult for opposing teams this season. “The strongest part of our team would probably be our defense,” said Coach Nix. “The team is looking to rely heavily on the linebackers and the defensive lineman that make up that front and make it very difficult for opposing teams to create any offensive gains inside the numbers.”

Size and experience are valuable to any football team, but Woodstock’s offensive linemen bring that to a different level with five starting seniors who are ready to get the job done on Friday nights. “It’s really great to have all older guys that you’ve played with and that you’ve developed chemistry with,” senior Blake Jacobs said. “We have a great mix of guys, and we all like each other and we’re all friends, so we know each other really well, and we know what each other is capable of.” The lineman position, the position Jacob’s plays, is not a glamorous one. It is, however, one of the most important parts of a football team. Without great blocking up front, the skilled players do not have a chance to make the big plays. “It’s very rewarding knowing that you can cause the glory for somebody else,” Jacobs said. “It’s really cool seeing that what you do affects others, and we have a big responsibility on the team, and basically the bread and butter of the whole offense,” Jacobs continued.

With the players working hard on the field, the fans are cheering them on from the sidelines. Senior Briana Reginelli, who attended the Johns Creek game, said, “It was such an amazing night with an exciting atmosphere, bright lights, and a great team.” Zeke Altman, a senior who takes it upon himself to show school spirit as much as possible, added, “Watching the game and seeing the players you grew up with out on the field is awesome. To know that this is the year we have been waiting for, and for it finally to be here is crazy.”  This school spirit is what the team needs to help them win.

Woodstock sports have been growing stronger for the past few years. The talk around the town is that right now is the time for the athletic programs at Woodstock to take off.  Woodstock has always been known as just a powerhouse football school, but the team has struggled for the past couple of seasons. For the senior players, this is their last chance to have a winning season and to make it to state. Coach Nix noted that this is one of the most motivated groups of seniors they have seen, and the coaches expect to see unprecedented achievements from each and every one of the players. Woodstock’s talent does not only come from the seniors. Coach Brent Budde, head football coach, explained that there was a major improvement from the underclassmen in their short time here. Coach Budde said, “The coaches, including myself, have seen major improvement from the younger players on this team.” For example, starting quarterback Justin Agner is only a junior. Coach Buddee says Agner has shown a strong sense of leadership, and even though he is not a senior, the team still looks up to him as a trailblazer.

There has been much talk about our football team this year. All the players know how much their fans are counting on them, and they are striving for success. Woodstock has a tough schedule ahead of them, but the team is ready to make a statement and come out victorious.

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